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Beauty YouTuber Gina Shkeda Get’s Real With Fan


When it comes to social media, you can pretty much bet that almost everything you see has been modified in some shape or form.

Whether it be color correcting, filters, object removal, blemish removal… a little nip and tuck here and there… you name it.. it’s most definitely been done before.


But that doesn’t mean we all don’t get caught up in false perfection, because we’re all definitely guilty of it.

So when Gina Shkeda took it to Twitter when a fan commented about Gina’s flawlessness, we couldn’t help but praise the girl.

Beauty YouTuber Gina Shkeda Get's Real With Fan

Shkeda replied:

“Girl I have micro bladed brows, lash extensions in and lip injections. I don’t even look like this you’re flawless.”




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