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  • Fall Fashion
    My Favorite Fall Fashion Picks from ILY Couture

    This fall I’ve been all about oversized knits, ponchos and leather boots. But what girl isn’t? I also love anything in...

    Romana Hai10/30/2015
  • Fall Fashion
    Top 5 Comfy Outfits For Fall

    For me, Fall is all about being super comfortable.. like I’m talking about the comfortable that it feels like the perfect Sunday...

    Romana Hai10/29/2015
  • Fashion Advice
    Must Have LBD’s

    The little black dress may have been introduced by Coco Chanel, but it was the coveted Audrey Hepburn who made the...

    Romana Hai10/28/2015
  • Beauty Tips & Tricks
    How To Keep Your Skin Hydrated in The Winter

    Dry skin is something I’ve suffered and dealt with for as long as I can remember. It’s not fun. Especially as the...

    Romana Hai10/27/2015
  • Fashion Advice
    How To Wear Peplum

    First off, what is peplum? Peplum is defined as a short flared, gathered, or pleated strip of fabric attached at the waist of...

    Romana Hai10/25/2015
  • Beauty Tips & Tricks
    Drake Now Has His Own Shade of Lipstick

    Drake is the muse behind Tom Ford’s newest shade of lipstick. You can find the shimmery burgundy plum lipstick featured in...

    Romana Hai10/24/2015