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  • Beauty Tips & Tricks
    The Dopest Hair Braid Inspo

    Nowadays, braids aren’t just a quick fix to easily manage hair. Braids have become more elaborate and extravagant. More so, they’re...

    Romana Hai02/20/2017
  • Beauty Tips & Tricks
    Winter Hairstyles You Have To Try

    According to celebrity stylist Mark Townsend, trending seasonal hairstyles just aren’t a thing anymore. “I really don’t think we see seasonal...

    Romana Hai12/27/2016
  • Beauty Tips & Tricks
    Summer Hair Goals

    Summer is the season where you should be totally inspired to try out those coveted hair styles you always see on...

    Romana Hai06/26/2016
  • Beauty Tips & Tricks
    What You Shouldn’t Do To Your Hair, If You Want Long Healthy Locks

    Avoiding hair trims. While YES, it’s totally tempting to hide from your hair stylist all together, it’s super important to keep the ends...

    Romana Hai04/12/2016
  • Beauty Tips & Tricks
    How To Prevent Frizz When Air-Drying Your Hair

    For the days you just don’t feel like putting in all the effort to blow dry or even straighten your hair OR...

    Romana Hai03/10/2016
  • Beauty Tips & Tricks
    How To Use Coconut Oil On Your Hair

    Using coconut oil on your hair can be totally amazing. Why? Well, one of the major perks about using coconut oil...

    Romana Hai02/10/2016
  • Beauty Tips & Tricks
    Winter Hair Problems? Here’s How To Fix Them

    When it comes to winter, there are a few things I really love. For one, I truly love cozy warm knits,...

    Romana Hai01/08/2016
  • Beauty Tips & Tricks
    Kylie Jenner’s 51 Hairstyles for 2015

    In 2015 King Kylie tried at least 51, yep FIFTY ONE,  different hair looks which included a mixture of wigs, extensions,...

    Romana Hai12/13/2015
  • Beauty Tips & Tricks
    5 Foods to Avoid If You’re Growing Out Your Hair

    So we all know about the foods you try to consume if you’re trying to add some natural length to your...

    Romana Hai09/11/2015