5 Foods to Avoid If You’re Growing Out Your Hair

So we all know about the foods you try to consume if you’re trying to add some natural length to your hair, like iron-rich spinach, zinc-filled shellfish or even a Hair Nutrition Supplement..but were you aware that there are foods you should actually stay away from?

Here’s a simple list of foods you should avoid if you’re trying to grow some healthy hair locks:

Fatty Fish

While we all naturally think that fatty fish like salmon and tuna rich in omega-3s should be at the top of our list of must eat items, that’s only to a certain degree.

Some fish contain high levels of mercury, and high levels of mercury can lead to hair loss.

So just as an fyi, be sure to steer clear of swordfish and mackerel (both have high mercury levels), choose the “light” varieties of canned tuna, salmon and shrimp to keep your mercury consumption down.

Processed Sugars

No surprise here. We all know sugar is bad for you.

Did you know sugary foods including candy or cupcakes cause your insulin level to rise?

This also causes an increase in androgen (a male hormone) in your body.

Ummm yeah…

And with that, androgen is known not only irritate but also shrink hair follicles.

So guess what… shrunken, irritated follicles do not produce long, strong hair. 🙁

Juice Cleanses

When you’re on a juice cleanse, you’re essentially on nothing but an all-sugar, no-protein diet.

So, naturally this would cause a spike in your insulin and androgen levels.

This then can lead to hair thinning and loss.

And all that sugar is creating a great deal of inflammation in your body—which isn’t doing anything good for your body in general.

Enough said.

Low-Protein Foods

Your hair is made of proteins so naturally it needs protein to grow long and healthy.

So all those starches you crave… like pasta, white bread and majority of cereals, that a typically low in protein, will leave your hair limp and unhealthy and just overall unattractive.

Vitamin A

Chances are you’re probably ok in this department.

But if you happen to be on a vitamin A overload, this can shrink your oil glands to the point where they’re are no longer producing the amount of oil necessary to nourish your strands.

And where does this lead? Hair loss.

To get to this point, you’d really have to eat a TON of tomatoes and carrots to be at a point of concern.

5 Foods to Avoid If You’re Growing Out Your Hair

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