Foundation Secrets Every Girl Should Know

Foundation Secrets Every Girl Should Know

Ever wonder why beauty editors always have good skin?

It’s because they know how to fake it.


Here’s the thing, just because beauty editors love makeup doesn’t mean they’re skilled with a makeup brush.

Beauty editors are writers. Not artists.

Here are some beauty tips on how to fake great skin:

Mix and Match Your Foundation

This isn’t just limited to foundations. If you’re looking for additional moisture in your foundation, mix in some lotion.

Foundation Secrets Every Girl Should Know
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Beauty tip: Mix a primer, like Smashbox’s Photo Finish ($36) with a radiance-boosting product, like Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonderglow ($76) and apply to your skin before foundation for a glowing look.

Layer Your Products

The rule less is more doesn’t always apply.

The true to key to flawless looking skin is layering your products.

Also keep in mind that the more hydrating your products are, the better.

Foundation Secrets Every Girl Should Know
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Beauty tip: If you’re looking for a more refined look, use a hydrating primer before your foundation. And for days your skin happens to feel more dull, opt for tightening formula, like Beauty Flash Balm ($60) from Clarins.

Use Less Foundation

Unless you suffer from severe acne or rosacea, most women only really need foundation near their T-zone.

Distribute most of your foundation on your forehead, nose, and centre of your cheeks, then buff outward.

Beauty tip: Glide and swirl your foundation brush in your palm to “warm it up.” The warmer and more flexible the bristles, the more you will be able to distribute the foundation evenly and smoothly.

Use a Beauty Sponge to Smooth Out Dry Areas

When you’re just about done applying foundation and discover any flakiness, simply dab a dampened beauty sponge in a light face oil or moisturizer, then press over the area. This will allow your foundation to bond with any flakes leaving you with a smooth, fresh finish.

Foundation Secrets Every Girl Should Know

Buff with a Brush

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Apply your moisturizer with a fluffy brush. Yep.

With that you can also use that same brush to buff your foundation for a more airbrushed look.

Use Concealer After

When you apply concealer after your foundation, you end up using less.

For a Matte Finish, Use a Powder

Here is where you should finish off your foundation with a dusting of powder—just make sure to use the right one.

Foundation Secrets Every Girl Should Know
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HD powders will give your skin a silken effect but please avoid if you’re getting photographed. The powder will show up in pictures. Instead, opt for a brightening powder like Hourglass’s Ambient Lighting Powder ($66), to sweep across the high points of your face for luminescence feel.

Foundation Secrets Every Girl Should Know

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