8 Ways to Make High Heel Shoes Comfortable

If Iggy Azalea can walk a mile in her Louboutins, you can surely walk a couple of blocks in your own, right?

Ugh. Just imagine the feeling afterwards.

Like it or not, heels aren’t going anywhere. And they’re only going to get higher and probably more painful.

With that said, it’s amazing the pain us girls go through and the recovery needed after a night in those shoes that probably cost more than your rent.

But why go through the torture?

Well not only do heels elongate your legs but they make your calves look amazing and there’s just something so empowering about strutting down the street and hearing your heels hit the ground.

So since us girls aren’t going to be ditching high heels anytime soon, why not make them more bearable? Better yet, more comfortable.

Check out my 8 tips on how to make high heels more comfortable:

Shave down your heel

If you don’t mind trading in some height for the ability to walk, opt to shave down the heel of your shoe. You can do this for around $15 at a shoe repair shop. All they do is simply cut off a portion of the spike, typically an inch.

How To Make High Heel Shoes Comfortable

Use gel insoles

Gel insoles just might be the answer to all your sole heel wearing problems. Gel insoles can prevent from your toes scrunching and also prevent blisters.

Dr. Scholl’s offers gel inserts that stick to your shoe insoles and can easily be swapped between pairs. If you’re in need of an insert with arch shaping to keep pressure off your feet or if your toes are constantly sliding forward in your shoes, there’s even a cushion designed to hold the ball of your foot in place.

How To Make High Heel Shoes Comfortable

Change the way you walk

Take tips from a pro, Tyra Banks. After all, she does know a thing or two about strutting down a runway in high heels.

Some tips from Tyra herself, remember that you’re not in sneakers and that posture is key when adding flow to your stride.

The correct way to walk in high heels is keeping your head and spine straight, just imagine yourself being pulled by a string, if that helps. As you walk, use those hips! Shift and lift your legs to the center with each and every step you take. Your pace should be light and flowy.

Also, since wearing your heels means your feet no longer form a 90 degree angle with your ankles, changing your gait will help you readjust your body’s center of gravity and help find your balance. You still won’t feel like you’re walking on clouds, but this method will at least make heels feel more bearable.

How To Make High Heel Shoes Comfortable

Take regular breaks

Rule of thumb should be, don’t wear heels more than two days in a row, with at least a day’s break in between. Your feet will thank you later down the line. Sarah Jessica Parker said it herself that high heels have ruined her feet. I mean, when did you ever see her in flats on Sex & The City? Lets be real.

Get heels with ties or straps

To solve the everlasting issue of your feet slipping out of your shoes the minute your heels leave the ground, opt for high heels with ties, straps or buckles. Done deal.

How To Make High Heel Shoes Comfortable

Use Moleskin

Aka a “second skin,” but fortunately it’s not actually animal hide. Moleskin is a soft cotton flannel with an adhesive backing. They are sold in sheets and can be found in most general drug stores and online.

Luckily, with these, you can cut and customize the shape of moleskin to cover any trouble spots you have on your feet. It then molds to the shape of your feet.

How To Make High Heel Shoes Comfortable

Stretch out your shoes

Consider going a half size up in when shopping for heels and also try shopping for your pumps at the end of the day when your feet are more likely to be swollen from activity. A little wiggle room can actually mean much more comfort than you think.

If your heels are just too-tight, you can either take them to a cobbler and have them stretched or you can invest in a shoe stretcher. A shoe stretcher can actually cut down the time it takes to break in heels, especially if they’re brand new.

How To Make High Heel Shoes Comfortable

Pick a shape that affords optimal comfort

It’s simply amazing how much a style of a shoe can really make a difference in comfort. For example, platforms, they cut down the distance your heels are elevated above the balls of your feet. That means they’re not as taxing on your arch, which is especially good when you’re towering on at least three inches.

8 Ways to Make High Heel Shoes Comfortable

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