Work outfits can either be super fun to compile together, especially the first couple of weeks on a new job, or it can be really tricky, if you don’t have the basic essentials.

So when you take a glance at your closet, do you think you have the bare bones to help you create the perfect work outfit? Maybe your closet needs a slight upgrade?

Just to make sure your closet is in good standing, at least when it comes to the professional world, check out these 3 simple rules for the perfect wardrobe:

Invest in at least one suit to mix and match. 

Be sure to have at least one suit in your closet that you can wear in a multitude of ways—as is, the blazer with jeans for a more casual day, the bottoms with a crisp top, etc.

Embrace the power of the perfect white blouse.

A basic staple and total classic to anyone’s work wardrobe is the white-button down. Not only is it chic but it literally goes with anything.

And last but not least…

Have at least two quality pair of shoes.

It’s super important to have at least two quality pairs of shoes. One being flats which are perfect to commute in and run around the office in on those less-formal days, and the second being heels, for when you need to dress up for meetings and such.

3 Simple Rules for the Perfect Work Wardrobe




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