What is a promise ring?

Promise rings are essentially known to be given to a romantic partner as a sign of commitment that isn’t exactly considered an engagement. At least not just as of yet.

It’s a simple way of saying, “I’m here to stay.”

However, a promise ring is also totally appropriate for a friend or family member, serving the same meaning/purpose/promise.

The key word here is “promise.”

Look at it this way, rather than just giving someone a materialistic item, you’re now adding some significance to your gift by providing commitment.


  • Only couples intending to get married in the near future will exchange promise rings.
  • Promise rings are only for teenagers.
  • Friends don’t exchange promise rings.
  • Promise rings are always a sign of chastity.


  • Promise rings don’t necessarily have to mean that marriage is just right around the corner but somewhere down the line.
  • Some young adults wear promise rings specifically to signify abstinence, while others wear it to represent something completely different.
  • Friends can have have promise rings together to symbolize the strength of their friendship, all of the history between them, or how much they’ve overcome together.
  • Promise rings don’t have to be a sign of chastity. While some couples see a promise ring as a sign or promise of purity, other couples don’t.

While promise rings today come in various designs, most people still place their promise ring on their left hand ring finger (especially when the ring is intended as a pre-engagement ring), but they can still be worn on either hand, and on any finger.


What is a Promise Ring?



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  1. this is a great site. thank You so much for the explanation. I think most people think of a promise ring as being practically engaged. I am going to get my sister and myself one for Christmas as she is my best friend, and will explain to her what a promise ring is exactly.
    Again I thank You so much for explaining a promise ring

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