How To Keep Up With Your Favorite NBC Shows

With my super busy schedule that typically goes beyond the standard 9-5, keeping up with the little things that bring some joy into my life can be a little tough.

With blogging and taking photos pretty much full time and also holding down a job that provides a steady paycheck, I usually find myself working 70+ hours a week minimum. So finding time to sit down on Thursday’s to watch my favorite shows can really seem unrealistic most of the time.

How To Keep Up With Your Favorite NBC Shows

Thankfully, NBC TV has made it possible to catch up on my favorite shows, on my time. So now whenever I get the chance, I can grab my laptop or tablet and throw on my favorite shows like:

I simply love using NBC TV because I can watch full episodes on my time and I don’t necessarily have to feel bad that I’m missing an episode.

How To Keep Up With Your Favorite NBC Shows

Check out NBC TV for yourself and catch up on all of your favorite shows anytime, any place!

How To Keep Up With Your Favorite NBC Shows

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  • I don’t waTCH Tv other than on my computer. I bought a 40 inch monitor years ago and paid an amount for the monitor that would give a frugal person heart palpitations. By today’s standards. I have enjoyed many hours of Hulu on this monitor and some hours on NBC CBS and ABC dot com’s

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