8 Totally Common Mascara Mistakes You’re Most Likely Making

8 Common Mascara Mistakes & How To Fix Them

When it comes to makeup, perfecting the art of contouring and learning to create the perfect smoky eye or maybe even an ombré lip should be techniques that are harder to nail down. Right? And applying mascara should be the “no-brainer”. Right?

So for something something that seems relatively fool-proof, there seems to a number of common mistakes being made not only before but also during, AND after the application process. 🙁

So here are some common mistakes AND how you can actually fix them 🙂

1. You Want Curls But You’re Not Using A Waterproof Mascara

If you’re majorly concerned about the curl-factor of your lashes, you should really opt for a waterproof mascara for your first coat as these formulas tend to help hold the curl much better, in comparison to regular formulas.

Try: CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Waterproof Mascara ($6.99)

CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Waterproof Mascara

2. You’re Not Separating Your Lashes

We all know this problem well, no matter how hard you try to prevent your lashes from clumping after applying mascara, they just still f$cking clump!

But to prevent the clumpy look, simply comb though your lashes with a spoolie after applying your mascara.

You're Not Separating Your Lashes
Source: Bustle

3. You’re Totally Pumping Your Mascara

So the quickest way to dry out your mascara is by PUMPING your wand back and forth into the tube.

You're Totally Pumping Your Mascara
Source: Good Housekeeping

You should be twisting your mascara brush within the tube. Here are the full details from Good Housekeeping.

4. You’re Not Wiping Off Excess Product From Your Mascara Wand

So, truth is, when you pull the wand from the tube, you actually have way more product than you actually need. So in order to prevent your lashes from being totally overloaded with product and to prevent a major clump episode, wipe off some of the product before applying.

You're Not Wiping Off Excess Product From Your Mascara Wand

5. You’re Not Wiggling Your Mascara Wand

Consider this a major fail if you find yourself pulling the mascara wand straight through your lashes.


Well you’re not coating your lashes properly.

Wiggling Your Mascara Wand

To give your lashes the volume and length they deserve, wiggle your wand horizontally through your lashes as you pull it up.

Hint: As you’re applying, make “Z” shapes across your lashes.

6. You Fail To Apply Enough Coats

Most when tend to only apply 1-2 coats of mascara on their lashes because applying more seems to only clump up their lashes even more.

BUT! Did you know that you can actually achieve greater volume and length if you add anywhere from 3-5 coats?!

Just be sure to use waterproof mascara for your first coat. 🙂

8 Common Mascara Mistakes & How To Fix Them

7. You Try To Clean Your Mistakes Too Soon

When you get a little mascara on your skin, let it sit!


If you try to rub it off immediately, you’ll just smear it across your skin, creating a biggest mess than what you started with.

INSTEAD! Wait a little for the product to dry, then use your nail to lightly scratch it off. You’ll find that is easily comes off.

8. You’re Starting A Collection Of Old Mascara’s

Truth is, while you think you have a variety of options to choose from, you probably should ditch more than half of the mascara’s you have in your beauty box.

You shouldn’t hold on to open mascaras longer than 6 months.

8 Common Mascara Mistakes & How To Fix Them
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