Beauty Products You Should Never Share


Wait, what? At first thought, tweezers might not seem that controversial, but they are definitely not something you want to share. From popping pimples to cleaning under dirty nails, you never know just how your friends are using their pair of pluckers.

Wait, what?

Initially you may think there really shouldn’t be a big deal when it comes to sharing tweezers, but then take a second to think about all the pimple popping, cleaning under dirty nails and hair plucking that goes on when one person uses a pair of tweezers.

Now think about sharing your tweezers with your best friend or even sister….

It just gets gross.


This one should be obviously and if you didn’t know, well… now you know.

Your eyelids and eyelashes are home to a plethora of bacteria.

Also, an individual can have NO visible symptoms of an eye infection when they first contract it.


We’re all guilty for sharing deodorant at least once in our lives.

I mean, no one wants sweat or smell bad. Right?

However, it’s probably time you start carrying your own deodorant.

Sharing deodorant can transfer bacteria, hair and skin cells between you and the person you’re sharing with. And not only is that just plain gross, but it can also potentially to lead to infection.

Lip Products

This may come as a shocker to some, but sharing your lipstick with your bestie is actually an easy way to spread germs or infections. 🙁

Makeup Sponges

With so many open pores, makeup sponges should NEVER be shared.

No like really.

On top of not sharing, you should always make sure you’re washing your makeup sponges at least once a week and using them only clean skin.



Since your razor touches your body hair, skin and potentially blood, there should definitely absolutely no sharing of razors.

Also, any bacterium that may be hiding on the surface of your skin is very likely to be picked up by your razor.


So not only could lice be an issue when sharing brushes, but you can also spread ring worm fungus. Um GROSS!

So, play it safe and keep your hairbrush to yourself. No sharing!


For most, this is probably already gross AF, but for others… sharing your toothbrush is a thing?

First of all, there are so many health risks when it comes to sharing your toothbrush, and one of them being the risk of spreading of blood-borne illnesses.

Have you ever brushed your teeth so hard, they bleed?

Well when someone else borrows your brush, they might be exposed to this blood and any other germs.

Tub of Lotion

Dipping your hands in a container of lotion or balm is a really quick way of spreading bacteria. And this is still true even if you and your friends are washing your hands.

Beauty Products You Should Never Share With Others

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