Why Drinking Water Is Key To Having Great Skin

Why Drinking Water Is Key To Having Great Skin

Yes, we all know drinking an adequate amount of water daily is super important for overall good health.

But why? Well, because not only does water help digestion but it also helps with circulation, absorption and even excretion.

Also, did you know that drinking water can actually help your skin stay radiant and healthy?

Don’t believe it? Well, here’s the lowdown (because yes, there’s more to it than just drinking water.)

If you didn’t know, the skin is an organ just like any other part of the body.

Your skin is made up of cells and skin cells, like any other cell in the body, are made up of water. So without water, the organs can’t function properly.

With that, if your skin isn’t getting sufficient amounts of water, the lack of hydration will present itself by turning your skin dry, tight and flaky.

Note: Dry skin has less resilience and is definitely more prone to wrinkling. Ick!

Water is lost ever single day and it’s lost in large quantities. With that known, you need to replace it somehow. Right?

There’s one thing to understand when it comes to drinking water and how it impacts the skin, truth is that that water you drink will reach all the other organs before it reaches your skin. 

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So, it’s super important to hydrate your skin. 

Note: Hydrating your skin can prevent wrinkles.

Why Drinking Water Is Key To Having Great Skin
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So what is the best way to hydrate to the skin?

  • Moisturize your skin after a bath/shower. The skin is still porous absorbs and lotions/creams much better right after showering. 
  • Drink water. We know drinking at least 8 glasses can do the body good by a ridding the body and skin of toxins. Many people claim that by increasing their water intake can help their skin. And those who suffer from acne have reported the same results.

Note: Results will not happen overnight but within a couple of weeks of increased water intake, you should be able to see hydration affects your own skin.  

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