So when it comes to razors and shaving, one of the biggest questions we all tend to have is:

“how often should we be ditching our razors for a new one?”

While there’s no real set number on uses after which you should discard your blade, you should really get rid of your razor after just a few uses.


Because your razor becomes exposed to bacteria. Gross!

Any first signs of any rusting, dulling of the blade, or better yet, any tugging or nicking of the skin, is a total giveaway that you should ditch your razor and start with a brand new one.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when trying to decipher just when you should discard your razor:

How often are you actually shaving?

If you’re the girl who shaves everyday, god bless your soul, you’re more likely to toss your razor every 3-4 days.

If you infrequently shave, like every two to three weeks, you’re obviously not spending as much on razors as the everyday shaver.

Note: The more frequently you shave, the faster your razor will dull. Duh!

Where and how are you storing your razor?

Leaving your razor in a wet and moist environment, i.e. your shower, will cause the blade to rust much faster and that’s not all, your razor is more likely to be exposed to bacteria. 🙁

The main issue here is bacteria.

And the longer you hold onto your razor, the greater chance you have of your razor harboring bacteria.

So, if you’re holding onto your razor longer than you should be and also keeping it in a moist environment, your chances of nicking yourself with dull, rusted and bacteria filled razor, have increased tremendously. This also obviously increases your chances of getting an infection. 🙁

And since the skin is at it’s thinnest and your hair is especially coarse on the underarms and bikini area, dull blades are more likely to catch fragile skin, causing tears and irritation.

How can I make my razors last longer?

Store your razors in a clean and dry place.

Opting to put your razor in a place that is less steamy and more dry, like your medicine cabinet, is the number-one way to prevent bacteria growth between the blades.

Also, it’s super important that you rinse your razor of the soaps and shaving creams you used, after use as it will prevent them from getting dull and weak.

Oh, and if you’re razor has been in your shower for the past six months, just toss it. Trust me.

Ladies, How Often Should We Be Changing Our Razors?



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