How To Fix Torn TightsEvery girl has most likely encountered that dreadful moment where you’re about to go out (whether it be for an interview, work or even a night on the town) and you realize there’s a small run in your tights.

Even tiny runs have the potential for disaster if they continue to split because it could result in leaving less to the imagination than you’d like. A large run in a pair of tights can make an outfit look immediately trashy and better yet… unprofessional.

If you’re lucky enough that you can spot a run as it starts to form, you can do a quick fix to save them!

Grab a bottle of clear nail polish and start dabbing a little bit over the run. This will prevent it from stretching into a god awful rip.

The nail polis essentially acts as a glue, solidifying the surrounding area and keeping the material from stretching further.



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