Tricks For Today To Give You Kissable Lips For Tomorrow

How To Get Kissable Lips

Kissable lips are a must, and although getting soft lips become particularly important when you’re looking forward to a kissing episode with your man, nice lips, obtained through regular lip care a few makeup tricks, are always great to have no matter what.

How To Get Kissable Lips At Any Given Day


Stop getting those dry, peeling lip skin by exfoliating your lips regularly.

Prepare a sugar and honey scrub (always get these freshly prepared from your kitchen).

Simply mix. Wash your lips. Apply the scrub on your lips in gentle, circular massaging motion.

If you can get hold of virgin coconut oil, use it in place of honey for a deeper moisturized feel.

Also, enhance the effect of exfoliation by using a soft-bristled toothbrush to apply the scrub and massage in place of your bare fingers.

Keep Your Lips Moisturized.

Coconut oil or any essential oil, particularly lavender oil and rosewater oil, are great additions to your daily pout care.

Apply these at night to avoid oily look on your pout.

During the day, a lip balm which at least carries an SPF 15 protection should work fine.

Keep your lip balm in your bag and keep reapplying throughout the day whenever your lips feel dry and thick.

If your lip balm leaves ingredients floating on your lips, that’s when you know you probably need another brand.

Stay Hydrated.

Dry lips are also a sign that you may be dehydrated.

Keep your mouth and your lips from drying out by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

Water is still best but fresh, unsweetened fruit and veggie shakes can help replenish your system’s water levels too — and, keep your lips moisturized, of course!

Maintain Clean Teeth & Mouth.

Keep flora and fauna in your mouth well-balanced by brushing your teeth at least three times daily.

Carry a mouthwash around so you can always gargle whenever your mouth starts to feel and taste funny. When your mouth is unclean, your lips dry out too.

Stop Wetting Your Lips With Saliva & Stop Biting.

FYI, the skin on your lips do not contain oil glands unlike most parts of your skin.

So what does that mean to you?

Well, wetting your dry lips with saliva will only make dry lips WORSE because, as the water evaporates, it leaves behind impurities that cannot be transported through water vapor and end up as residues on your lips.

Biting, in turn, will only wound your skin, and done repeatedly, ends up thickening the skin on your lips.

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Makeup Tricks For Kissable Lips

Enhancing your kissable pout can be easy as a breeze when you religiously follow the makeup tricks for lips outlined above.

Below, some easy tips to enhance your lips.

Wear Your Lip Balm Throughout The Day & Even While You Sleep.

Again, there are no oil glands on your lips to provide natural moisture when your lips start to feel dry.

So, keep that lip balm on. It does not only moisturize your lips but, protects it from getting damaged as well.

Choose Lip Products Made For The Delicate Skin On Your Lips.

Read the labels and pass up on products that contain harsh ingredients that can only end up irritating your skin.

Observe & Practice Ways To Add Color To Your Lips.

First, draw the outline of your lips with either a concealer or a lip pencil in nude color. This keeps the color inside and prevents smudging.

Next, prep the insides of your lips with concealer to hold your lipstick in place. Lastly, add in your lip color.


Kissably soft, smooth lips are all yours (and your man) to enjoy, with just a few simple tips and makeup tricks executed well and regularly.

How To Get Kissable Lips

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