How To Get The Perfect Summer Look

How To Get The Perfect Summer Look

The summer is coming. It is coming fast and the first sunrays remind you that you need to prepare for this amazing season. Your hair, skin, body and face need a total makeover because there is no mercy and comfy clothes to guard you once the summer is here. Everything that has been hidden during the winter time is about to be exposed, so make sure that you are all set and ready to look gorgeous. Here are some of the things that you need to work on before the hot temperatures arrive.

The First Impression: How’s Your Body?

Every time when you try to explain somebody to the people you are talking to, sooner or later, you will try to label their body frame. You will say something like ‘that plump girl’ or ‘that toned woman’. Thus, since you will no longer have coats and ponchos to hide your body, you need to start the workout and get into shape. You may want to make a plan for this. You already know better than to go on some crazy diet regimes that keep you starving. However, getting rid of your daily sugar is a good idea. Also, do not try and spend hours running or jogging. You can get fine results by having four workouts a week that are about half an hour long. Short workout sessions are the latest discovery by the weight loss experts.

Start from the Top: Your Hair

Your hair needs to look healthy above everything else. This means, no blow drying and no iron presses that will damage the hair that is already suffering from high temperatures. Do not do your roots or trim your hair before going to a vacation. You will do that afterwards, because the salt and the water and the sun will do their number on your hair and it will need extra care afterwards. When it comes to color choices, you can really express yourself this summer with your hair color. While you can go with the natural look, some crazy shades are in play, as well.

Perk Up Your Natural Beauty: New Makeup Ideas

Once the summer comes and the colors of the nature are at their peak, your makeup needs to blend in. Once great thing that is about to rock the beaches and the summer nights is the bright, and lovely strawberry red color for the lips. Do not get shy with the blush either. Moreover, this season allows you to combine it with daring purple eye shadows, or with pearly shadow around the eyes to make them brighter and bigger. You can choose pink as your lip color, as well. Either way, do not hold back on the colors this summer season.

The Beauty Basics: Your Skin

There are tons of warnings everywhere to avoid direct sun exposure and the tanning beds to stay clear from getting cancer. Moreover, too much exposure will make your skin look older and damaged. It actually makes you age faster. However, if this is already the case with your skin, you need to make sure that you are hydrated properly at all times. Use the strong SPF, and consider going to a facial rejuvenation clinic for a treatment.


Having Style: Summer Fashion Trends

It is absolutely essential that you find a great bikini or two this year, because you will be wearing it outside the beach, as well. Combine it with the summer dresses and transparent tops to get that carefree and fun summer look this season. Bold, floral patterns and plenty of color are exactly what awaits you this year. Also, retro look lingers throughout this season, as well. Embrace it and enjoy your flared jeans a bit longer.

The sun exposure, chlorine, sea salt, seawater and sand. All those things will, more or less, work against you when it comes to staying healthy and good looking this summer. However, the inner beauty and happiness is all that counts in the end, so embrace these summer factors and elements and enjoy them. Just like that, the sun and the sea will put a smile on your face and that is the first thing you need to look good.

How To Get The Perfect Summer Look

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