How To Heal Damaged Skin Naturally

How To Heal Damaged Skin Naturally

Everybody experiences some type of skin damage from time to time.

This really should not be a kind of issue that takes out the joy from living your life freely but some people stress about their skin condition constantly, thus making things even more difficult.

Of course, treating the skin properly is essential and a proper way to take care of yourself but in some cases putting a lot of products on damaged and irritated skin can only worsen the symptoms.

At these times, skin is very sensitive and it needs something simple natural and effective to soothe it.

Magical Herbs

How To Heal Damaged Skin Naturally

Some of the best solutions for damaged skin come straight from nature, or your kitchen.

For example, Aloe Vera is one of those wondrous herbs that can soothe the damage and especially sunburn in a quickest way possible.

If it is applied in its purest form, it can even have an immediate effect.

Another precious herb for skin care is green tea.

It also helps with calming the sunburns but in addition it stimulates the regeneration of cells and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Echinacea has an amazing ability to retain collagen within the skin cells which is very useful for fast treatment of sunburned skin.

Not only that but it also keeps the skin firm and elastic. 🙂

Horsetail is rich in silica which helps the wounds heal faster so it is a great natural option for some more serious skin issues.

And finally, plantain contains allantoin which reduces the redness and calms the itchiness due to any kind of skin damage.

Benefits of Oils

Oils have been the main talk in beauty world for the past couple of years and there is a good reason for it.

Naturally obtained oils work well on all skin types, from extremely dry to oily ones, making the skin healthy and radiant.

How To Heal Damaged Skin Naturally

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When it comes to treating damaged skin, tamanu oil does a great job in soothing irritated and sunburned skin and it works really fast.

Most importantly, it can put a stop to pain.

Going to bed with applied tamanu oil can repair the skin cells during just one night of sleep!

One other great oil famous for its healing properties is calendula oil. It heals the burns and calms the rashes.

Healing Foods

There are many DIY natural mask recipes online that only require a trip to the kitchen or nearby market.

These homemade masks are not only budget-friendly but they also tend to work really well for specific skin issues since their main nutrients and properties are instantly soaked up by the skin.

How To Heal Damaged Skin Naturally

When it comes to skin that suffered some kind of damage, cucumber is a veggie that can help a lot.

It cools and soothes the skin naturally and the application is very easy.

Simply put it in the fridge to cool it even more, cut into slices and put those on the skin directly.

Also, honey is a great ally in soothing irritated and sensitive skin while it encourages skin cell repair.

Simple BUT Rich Cream Formulas

Of course, not all types of skin damage can be soothed quickly and effectively without applying some kind of cream or ointment.

However, simplicity in ingredients list is still the priority, even though you need a rich formula.

For example, even tattoo removal experts recommend using panthenol creams and gels on damaged and irritated skin.

How To Heal Damaged Skin Naturally

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Panthenol has great moisturizing properties; it soothes irritated skin, relieves itchiness and has an anti-inflammatory role.

While any kind of skin damage is unpleasant and painful there is no reason for despair and application of a bunch of different products full of chemicals that can only slow down the process of healing.

The answer for many things in life is always simple. In this case as well, opting for some natural solutions can do miracles for the skin.

How To Heal Damaged Skin Naturally



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