Why Your Skin Might Be Breaking Out

Breakouts… they suck. 

And they typically stem from having a busy life, sensitive skin or just unfortunate genetics. 🙁

And no matter how much you’ve mastered that art of a skin care routine that include top-of-the-line cleansers and exfoliating rituals, you will always somehow fid yourself struggling with at least one pimple on your skin every once in a while.

So how do you really prevent breakouts?

The key is to pay attention to what triggers those red, inflamed bumps on your skin, so you can stop them before they even start.

Here are some common reasons for breakout and what you can do to avoid them:

Your Not Getting Enough Sleep

Why Your Skin Might Be Breaking Out
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It’s not called beauty sleep for nothing. 🙂

There are so many health benefits to getting a good night’s rest. 

Think about it… getting enough sleep allows you to be less stressed and even allows you to be productive the following day. And these are just SOME of the benefits of getting the right about of sleep. 

But in this case, NOT getting enough sleep can actually cause breakouts. 


Because your skin needs rest and time to replenish.

More specifically your skin needs time to:

  1. Replace dead skin cells with new healthy ones.
  2. Drain inflamed blood vessels that can cause morning puffiness.

The Fix: If you’re one to toss and turn majority of the night, try working out and showering before bed.

If that doesn’t seem appealing, try a calming bath with aromatic oils like chamomile and sandalwood. 

Your Using Dirty Makeup Tools

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

So this totally may seem like a no-brainer to always use clean and sanitary tools but let’s be real here for a second. Most of us probably have brushes, sponges and/or applicators that haven’t been cleaned in weeks, months… or ummm…even longer. Sad and gross but most likely true.

Real Life Facts: A survey taken in 2015 from Anisa International stated that only 39 percent of women cleaned their brushes less than once a month. And get this…only 22 percent didn’t clean them at all! Eeeekk!!!

The Fix: Purchase a brush cleaner to gently clean you tools every couple of uses. And do a deep cleaning as often as possible. You can always use a gentle cleanser, like baby soap, along with warm water to throughly clean your brushes.

Your Dirty Sheets Have Got To Go

Why Your Skin Might Be Breaking Out
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You should really change your pillowcases at least once a week.


All those hair products…natural oils from your hair and scalp and even your skincare products can all cause a ton of buildup on your pillowcase. Gross. 

The Fix: Well Duh! Routinely change your sheets and keep them fresh!

If that’s not doable, opt for a head scarf when going to bed.

You could also take this opportunity to start making it a habit to sleep on your back, so you can prevent your skin from rubbing up against oily sheets.

Your Using Hair Products That Irritate Your Skin

Why Your Skin Might Be Breaking Out
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Your hair products don’t just impact your hair. 

Any hair loaded with product that touches the top or even the sides of your face can irritate…well your FACE. 

The Fix: You don’t have to stop using your hair products, but you should routinely wash your face, typically in the morning and night, if possible. 

You Really Need To Start Cleansing Properly After A Workout

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After a major sweat session at the gym, you should really hit the showers.


During and especially post workout, your pores are soaking up added grime and oil which will typically lead to acne.

And the possibility intensifies in common areas of the body other than the face…typically where tight clothing traps the sweat and oil in. Ew!

The Fix: You can always opt to wear loose-fitting apparel that is synthetic free, to avoid irritation and promote generous air flow.

After your workout, hit the showers and of course, wash your face thoroughly with a cleanser that contains salicylic acid – try PanOxyl – which helps you achieve a super deep clean.

Your Diet Is All Wrong

Source: Health.com
Source: Health.com

You know the saying “you are what you eat”

If your diet is high in sugar and fat, you can expect to have oiler skin, making you more prone to breakouts.

The Fix: Pay attention to how your skin reacts to certain foods. If you notice and experience breakouts after eating specific foods, stop eating them and consult with an allergist to nail down the problem.

If you consume excess amounts of processed foods, sugar or unhealthy fats, first consider where the behavior is coming from.

  • Is this triggered from stress?
  • Are you sad or possibly overwhelmed?

If you still can’t totally nail down the problem, consider keeping a food diary that you can share with a doctor or dermatologist, who can further dissect your diet and problem.

Your Boyfriend’s Beard Is Killing Your Face

Why Your Skin Might Be Breaking Out
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FYI, stubbly hair rubbing onto the skin can cause irritation. 🙁

Also, beard oils can cause breakouts and itchiness. 🙁

BUT, the longer the facial hair, the less irritating it will be. 🙂

The Fix: Use a cold compress on the skin as well as gentle cleansing products. If you need something more, use OTC cortisone cream.

But, if the irritation is REALLY bad, you may want to have a discussion with your guy about possibly opting for a clean shave.

Your Using The Wrong Laundry Detergent

Why Your Skin Might Be Breaking Out
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When shopping for laundry detergent, always opt for something that both effective and mostly natural.

Many detergents these days contain fragrances and chemicals that can irritate the skin.

And fabric softeners and dryer sheets actually leave a coating on pillowcases so if you have sensitive skin, you’re more likely to experience dry, red or extremely itchy skin.

The Fix: Opt for a detergent this is made for sensitive skin, typically something that is fragrance-free or has been certified by a dermatologist.

Check out Health.com for a list of sensitive skin-approved detergents that you can find at your local grocery, drugstore or online retailer.



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