According to celebrity stylist Mark Townsend, trending seasonal hairstyles just aren’t a thing anymore.

“I really don’t think we see seasonal trends anymore,” Townsend told Cosmopolitan.

“It’s not about having blown-out hair in winter and beachy hair in the summer anymore — any hairstyle can translate no matter what time of year it is.”

With that said, here are some styles that we’ve seen repeated over and over from season to season that we think you ought to try.

Check out these “winter” hairstyles you have to try: 

Half Up / Half Down + Waves

This is great if you’re going for a fuller look.

Use your hair wand to create loose “beachy” waves and throw half of your hair up and leave the rest down.

Winter Hairstyles You Have To Try

Winter Hairstyles You Have To Try

Thick Waves & A Headband

Winter headbands are super cute and they look even better when you attempt to do your hair.

To keep the warm this winter, keep your hair down and opt for thick curls/waves.

For the thicker/bigger look, simply curl more hair with your wand at a time.

Winter Hairstyles You Have To Try

Braids & A Beanie

This look it perfect for work or even weekends.

When at work, simple take off the beanie and once you’re headed out the door, throw on the beanie for a super cute winter bunny look.

Winter Hairstyles You Have To Try

Half Updo With Braids

The trick to this one is using a hairband as close to your hair color as possible.

Winter Hairstyles You Have To Try

The Trucker Hat & Ponytail

This one is classic and obviously super simple to do.

Ideal for weekends and errands.

Winter Hairstyles You Have To Try




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