How To Dress In Your 30’s

Oftentimes you hear that once you turn thirty, you should dress more carefully and appropriately for your age.

But what does this really mean?

Age is just a number when it comes to fashion.

Yes and no. 

There is a thing called dressing “age-appropriate”. 

What does that mean?

Dressing age-appropriate means that you should feel good in the clothes you wear, but still try to look a bit more mature and elegant.

Truth be told, there are certain rules about the clothes you should wear when you reach thirty, but they are just there to help you develop a more mature, feminine style.


How To Dress In Your 30's


Invest In The Basics

The twenties are the age for experimenting and following trends, but this shouldn’t be the case once you celebrate your 30th birthday.

Of course, this does not mean that you should ignore all the trends and get stuck in time.

However, you should limit your fast-fashion consumption to pieces that fit your style and that you’ll actually wear.

Instead of buying fringe tops and boho dresses, put some money aside and invest in quality basic pieces.

Basics are simple, versatile pieces that can be worn on numerous occasions, so in this case you’ll want them to be of good quality.

Every Woman In Her 30’s Should Own:

  • A pair of perfect-fit jeans
  • A trench coat
  • A real leather jacket
  • A well-tailored blazer
  • A little black dress

Once you’ve got these covered, you wont find yourself in the “I have nothing to wear situation”, ever again…at least you shouldn’t…. 🙂

How To Dress In Your 30's
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Choose Natural Fibers & Materials

Investing in quality clothes and avoiding cheap trendy things lead to filling your wardrobe with natural materials.

Instead of the price tag, look at the label on the piece you want to buy and see what fabric is it made of.

You should aim for materials like cotton, viscose, wool, leather, and avoid polyester and other man-made fabrics.

Cozy knitted cardigans and sweaters, for example, are an indispensable part of autumn and winter attire so you’ll want them to feel good on your skin.

Also, shirts and dresses, and basically anything that directly touches your skin should be made of natural fibers.

Reject Poorly-Fitting Clothes

By the age of thirty, you somehow intuitively develop a sense of what suits your body and personality the best.

And theres no shame in admitting that low-rise jeans are not comfortable at all.

Instead, opt for high-waisted trousers or boyfriend jeans, and feel good while wearing them.

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Also, don’t hold on to pieces that are waiting for you to lose those few extra kilos.

You’re thirty now – be honest with yourself.

Start shopping for the body you currently have, and not the body you could – or once did – have.

You may fit in that dress sometimes in the future but, for now, its only occupying space in your closet that you can, instead, fill with some figure-flattering piece which you will actually wear.

How To Dress In Your 30's
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Buy Decent Underwear

Once you’re a grown woman theres no excuse for wearing a worn-out bra or socks with holes.

Don’t be skimpy to invest in quality lingerie because well-fitting bra can define your whole body figure and make you feel more feminine and sexy.

Avoid the nightmare of ripped stockings by buying high-quality ones.


As you may notice, dressing in the thirties is all about quality at the expense of quantity.

Over time, you realize that you don’t actually need ten blazers, but only one or two, that are well-tailored.

Show your perfectly appropriate taste in fashion by filling your wardrobe with good clothes that reflect your personality.

After all, scientists say that the thirties are the best decade of our lives, so you might as well dress accordingly.

How To Dress In Your 30's
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How To Dress In Your 30's

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