How To Keep Your Closet Clean

How To Keep Your Closet Clean

Do you often find that your closet looks like a hurricane ran through it?

Well for starters, you’re definitely not alone.

But if you’re looking to find real tips that actually work on keeping your closet organized, keep reading.

Give Every Item In Your Closet a Home

It’s super important to essentially give every item in your closet a home and that like items are together. Whether you decide to organize items on a specific part of the rack or in dust bags, drawers, or storage boxes, you’re making it easier to find things without making a mess. Also, if you keep things neat and organized,  you might find that you’re more inclined to put things back where they are suppose to go. This all helps avoiding the snowball effect of things piling up everywhere.

Invest in a Hamper

Having a hamper is key because it’s so helpful when it comes to distinguishing dirty clothes from clean clothes to items that are dry-clean only.

Weekly Maintenance

If you start every week with it clean, you’re more likely to want to keep it that way so a once-a-week maintenance is ideal and will keep you from going past the point of no return when it comes to a messy closet.

Seasonal Edits

By cleaning out your closet about four times a year.  you only have things in there that you love, and you can eliminate any unnecessary clutter.

Put Things Back Where They Belong

Finally, you should really get on yourself about putting things back where they belong. Even if you’re late or running out the door, taking (literally) a few seconds to simply put things back in their place will help you maintain better habits and a consistently clean closet.

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How To Keep Your Closet Clean

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How To Keep Your Closet Clean

How To Keep Your Closet Clean

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