How To Make Your Shoes Smell Better

Whether you’re trucking around in the city or on campus, all that time spent with your feet crammed in shoes…can disgustingly enough make your shoes and feet start to stink. Gross!

To solve this problem,  Sally McGraw, the Blogger behind Already Pretty, recommends putting your shoes/heels/sneakers/whatever… in a sealed zipper bag in the freezer for a couple of days. “This kills many common bacteria that live in shoes and cause them to smell.” And because your footwear in concealed in a bag, they won’t stink up your freezer. Thank god!

If you’re not totally eager about the freezer idea, there is an alternative option. Try stuffing your stinky shoes with some fabric softener sheets or even dryer sheets. These sheets will add a good perfume to the shoes and better yet, they will absorb any moisture, which typically cause shoes to become smelly and gross.

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