How To Make Bikini Shopping Less Miserable

How To Make Bikini Shopping Less Miserable
  1. Bring flip flops. This will help complete the look when trying on bikinis.
  2. Wear a thong. Yes. Wanna know why? Because wearing regular undies while trying on bikini bottoms totally suck. And you definitely don’t want to violate any of the stores hygiene policies.
  3. Bring support. You’ll need someone’s suggestions/advice when picking the perfect swimsuit.
  4. Get a tan beforehand. This isn’t necessary by any means but it might instill some confidence.
  5. Have an idea of what you want. While we know bikini styles are constantly evolving, there are certain looks that are tried and true. To make things simple, think back to bikinis you’ve had in the past. Which ones made you feel the most confident? Also be sure to figure out your preferences as it will make it much easier to narrow down your choices. For example, ask yourself “Do I need the support of an underwire top?”
  6. Don’t be afraid of a white bikini. While you have every right to be afraid of a white bikini, you totally shouldn’t be! As long as it has a thick, nude-colored padding or liner, the bikini shouldn’t pose a problem.
  7. Look for patterns and colors that are flattering. Basically, look for patters/colors that make you look slim. The general rule of thumb is that vertical stripes, as well as darker colors (i.e. black) create a visually slimming effect. Score!
  8. Embrace a ruffle to help accentuate your small chest. If you happen to have a small chest, consider a ruffled top. But if you’re not a fan, feel free to totally ditch this pointer.
  9. Try on a variety of different sizes. When you find a bikini you like, grab your size and one in the next size up. When trying on your swimsuit options, start with the largest size and work your way down until you find the right fit.
  10. Your top and bottom may not be the same size. So don’t freak! It’s completely normal to wear different sizes in the two pieces.
  11. Test out your new swimsuit. Once you’ve found a bikini that you feel confident in, try moving around in it. Try bending over, lifting your arms above your head, or sitting cross-legged. Moving around will give you a much better idea of just how great a fit the bikini is for you.

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How To Make Bikini Shopping Less Miserable
Source: Pinterest

How To Make Bikini Shopping Less Miserable

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest


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