These Are More Than Basic, They’re Luxe

These Are More Than Basic, They’re Luxe

As seasons change, I always make it a thing to not only bring out all my clothes for that particular season (and put away the prior season) but I also get rid of pieces I know I won’t wear…just so I can bring in new ones. 🙂

Anyway, as I was going through my clothes, I stumbled upon a long sleeve top that I practically live in. When I bought the top, it was such a random but yet life changing purchase.

And every time I wear this top, I always think to myself “I have to get 10 more of these tops” but never end up doing so. Typical.

FYI, I purchased the top from my gym, the Equinox on Avery Street in Boston, MA and they only had one in my size.

Anyway, back to my story….

So this time, I actually decided to recheck the label to see what brand it was, which happened to be “naked undies.”

So I did a google search to find out where I could get more since the last time I was at the Equinox, they were limited.

As I was googling, I found that the L.A. based brand actually rebranded themselves to State & Manor.

So I checked out their website and immediately fell in love.

This was great because, I just loved my Naked Undies top. The material was so comfy, effortless and looked amazingly chic no matter how I paired it. It was honestly just one of those items you had to have a million of.

So when I saw that State & Manor had the same vibes, I was all in!

One of my absolute favorite pieces from their line is the Danny Oversized Waffle Wrap Scarf.

I ended up getting it in white and I love it because not only is it perfect just to cover up, but you can still look summery and ultra chic in it. 🙂

And the perfect top to pair it with is the Renvi Reversible Sheer Tank, which I am definitely going to be living in this Spring/Summer. No questions asked.

Side Note: Gisele Bündchen has been spotted in this tank! 🙂

Gisele Bündchen in Renvi Reversible Sheer Tank

Anyway, if you’re looking to make this the ultra loungewear look, finish off the ensemble with their Preston Heather Leggings and some ballet flats.

Details from the photo:

Ashton Sweatshirt – Limited – Buy Now

Striped Wyatt Relaxed Tee – Limited – Buy Now

Preston Heather Leggings – Buy Now

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