How to Get Away With Wearing Leggings

It’s a fact, leggings totally get a bad rap.

And for any girl who can manage to look super cute and yet stay comfy in leggings, you’ll always encounter that one person who is going to try to convince you that leggings are not pants.


Luckily, you can totally ignore that kind of negativity if your life and you can go on and rock those leggings any day of of the week, as long as you follow some key styling tips.

Check out how to get away with wearing leggings as pants:

Faux Leggings & An Oversized Sweater

Ditch those beyond basic black leggings and opt for a faux leather pair instead. From here, pair your leggings with a chic oversized sweater and flowy coat. To finish off the look, opt for some amazing flats and a statement tote to lug all your work necessities.

How to Get Away With Wearing Leggings As Pants


Fur & Metallic Hues

This is where you can feel free to grab your favorite go-to all black leggings and pair them with a flannel. To finish things off, add a dash of fur, a statement necklace and some booties.

How to Get Away With Wearing Leggings As Pants 2

Leather and Lace

If you thought leather leggings paired with a laced top was daring, you definitely thought  wrong. Finish of this look (totally perfect for work and a Friday night out) with embellished booties. Enough said.

How to Get Away With Wearing Leggings 3





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