How To Debloat In Just One Day

How To Debloat In Just One Day

No matter how you look at it, being bloated isn’t fun.

And trying to figure out whether or not you’ve actually gained weight or not can be torturous.

If the last sentence confused you, being bloated doesn’t actually mean you’ve gained weight, even though it feels like you have.

Being bloated typically means you’ve ballooned overnight (or even a few days) with water and gas. So this isn’t true weight gain.

Now, with some assurance that you haven’t actually gained any real weight, the reason question is how do debloat yourself ASAP?

Here’s how:

  1. Drink water over anything else. Yes, it sounds counterintuitive, but drinking a lot of water won’t blow you up. Promise. Truth is, your body usually stores water so you don’t suffer from dehydration, but if you’re constantly knocking back bottles of H2O, that gives the body permission to flush out some of the water, making it totally okay to consumer water. 🙂 So with that, be sure to consume water consistently throughout the day. (Also, water is great for your skin! Read more here.) It’s recommended to drink at least 1.5 liters a day. Also, if you find yourself tempted to grab a bottle of pop instead, just think about how carbonated liquids tend to build up air straight in your gut – which just adds to this bloating problem we’re trying to fix.
  2. Avoid sugar alcohols. Here’s some knowledge for you (if you didn’t already know): foods that consist of sugar alcohols, which are technically considered natural sweeteners, can still turn you into a pufferfish. These natural sweeteners can really mess with your gastrointestinal tract and can lead to gas, cramping, bloating, and even diarrhea if you eat too much of them
    • Sweeteners to look out for include: xylitol, mannitol, and sorbitol – which are used in everything from gum to energy bars.
  3. Pay close attention to your fiber intake. Note: Fiber is key for staying healthy. Not only does it keep your digestive system running smoothly but it also helps keep your appetite in check for longer, which is a major MAJOR plus if your goal is to lose weight. But the real issue is going from eating very little fiber to taking in way too much. Remember, when you start your health kick, it’s important to do it gradually, as overdoing the fiber when you’re not used to it, can make you really bloated. Too much fiber can be tough to digest and can and will create gas. When it comes to fiber, aim to eat 20-25 grams of fiber per day and drinking a lot of water for easier digestion.
  4. Opt for fruits and veggies, but choose wisely. While everything in the produce aisle is pretty much free game health wise, there are still certain fruits and vegetables that can still make you feel like a roly-poly.
    • Fruits that you should stay away from (they tend to have a lot of sugar or sugar alcohols) when trying to debloat are: cherries, peaches, grapes, and mangoes.
    • When you’re trying to shrink down to your usual size, opt for fruits like: blueberries, strawberries, cantaloupe, and oranges, which have less sugar content. The fruits also happen to be packed with water, which can help with the debloating action.
    • When it comes to veggies, stay away from: brussels sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower since they are loaded with raffinose (the same compound that produces gassiness when you eat beans).
    • The greens you want to consumer are veggies that have high water content, like cucumber and zucchini.
  5. Lay off the carbohydrates. While carbs are not the enemy (they’re your body’s go-to fuel source, so you need them, period), the more carbs you eat, the more water you hang onto, therefore the more bloated you feel. Ick! So if you want to de-bloat, simply cut down (but don’t eliminate) on your carb intake (for a day or so) and stick to greens and lean proteins during that time. 
  6. Keep your mouth closed when eating. No really, keep it your mouth shut. Sometimes bloating arises from how you eat. No joke. When you talk while you eat or when you eat too fast, you’re actually bringing in a lot of air into your digestive tract along with your food. So instead of talking up a storm as you eat, make an effort to eat slowly (chewing your food as much as possible makes it easier to digest) and talk less. 
  7. Quit salty foods. Note: When you eat sodium, your body retains water to try to maintain the proper balance in your bloodstream. So it’s actually recommended to stay below 2,500 milligrams of sodium a day if possible.
  8. Maintain portions. The more food you have in your stomach, the more bloated you’re going to feel! It’s that simple. So remember moderation is key.

How To Debloat In Just One Day

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