Everything You Need To Know About Engagement Rings

Everything You Need To Know About Engagement Rings

Shape Is Super Important

Before you even consider the 4 Cs…ya know: cut, color, clarity, and carat, you really ought to know the diamond shape your future fiancee really adores.


Because the shape of the diamond is the actual geometry of the stone.

The cut relates to the angles of the facets in the stone.

Make sense?

Everything You Need To Know About Engagement Rings
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Then Comes The Setting

A stellar ring setting, the metal framework in which your diamond sits on, can really set the overall tone for a ring, so don’t f*ck this up!

Everything You Need To Know About Engagement Rings
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Get In Tune With Her Style

You can always be trendy and go ring-shopping together, but if you’re more traditional and want to surprise her, you’ll need to do your homework.

Before asking any of her family and friends, make sure you swear them to secrecy.

But if you decided to stay silent all together, pay attention to the jewelry she wears.

Think About The Metal

When it comes to the band, you’ve got plenty of metals to choose from.

You can go the popular route and opt for platinum which is not only extremely durable but it’s especially pure, making it the perfect hypoallergenic choice for brides and grooms with sensitive skin.

You can also go the gold route, which consists of: white, yellow, rose, and even green.

If platinum and gold just isn’t cutting if for you, you might want to consider palladium, which has a grayer hue than platinum.

You can even get eco-friendly and get a recycled metal band, which may include a mixture of platinum and gold.

Everything You Need To Know About Engagement Rings
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Buy Loose Stones

So FYI, the rings you see in the jeweler’s case are typically just samples so you can get an idea of what a finished product looks like.

So unless you’re purchasing an estate (vintage) ring, chances are, you’ll be looking to purchase a loose stone.

And if you didn’t already know, the stone itself accounts for the vast majority of a ring’s cost.

Soooooo you’ll want to get the most gorgeous one stone within your budget.

And when picking a stone, be sure to inspect the stone with a loupe, which is a handheld magnifier that most jewelers typically have in-store.

Be sure to ask your jeweler to guide you and tell you what to look for.

Work That Budget

You’re always welcomed to putting down three-months salary towards a ring, but do what you’re comfortable with.

A great way to save money is opting to buy just shy of the next carat (example: 1.8 instead of 2). By doing this, you can actually save nearly 20 percent.

And when it comes to clarity, you can do the same thing by buying shy of the next stage in clarity. It gives you the most wiggle room without affecting sparkle.

Everything You Need To Know About Engagement Rings
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Shop Safe

When it comes to finding a jeweler, you should always go off of recommendations from friends and family.

If that doesn’t work, check for industry organization affiliation.

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Stores accredited by the Jewelers of America or members of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) are good starting places.

Often large, renowned jewelry chains are considered more than reliable and offer SALES.

Note: Always find out what your jewelers return policy is. Why? You want the ability to at least exchange the stone if it turns out your future bride wants something else.

Give Yourself at Least 6 Weeks

Once your ring is ordered, it can take up to six weeks or longer to arrive.

If you’re having it custom designed, expect it to take longer.

Note: If you plan on engraving the inside of the ring, try to request the inscription when placing your order.

Get It in Writing

Diamonds that are one carat or more should come with a diamond-grading report which is typically issued by an independent gemological association such as the GIA or the American Gem Society.

You can also expect to get a “fingerprint” of your ring on the bill of sale.

This typically includes the stone’s 4 Cs, shape, dimensions, and any cosmetic enhancements.

Also, if there is anything that affects its value, it should also be noted on your bill of sale.

Details that would affect value:

  • if it was made by a famous designer
  • if it’s an antique or period piece
  • if it was handmade or custom-designed

Everything You Need To Know About Engagement Rings

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