Do's & Don'ts When Posting On Instagram After Your Proposal


  • Tell your closest friends and family before posting on Instagram. Before letting the entire world know about your engagement, it’s extremely important to let your loved ones know first. Plus they’ll want to hear the exciting news straight from the source.
  • Include your fiancé in your Instagram photo! After all, he is the most important part of getting engaged, right??!
  • Take advantage of this opportunity by posting the mushiest proposal reaction photo! Let’s be real, this is probably one of the very few moments where you can totally get away with the #uglycryface so go ahead and post it! Your friends and family will totally love it. Promise!
  • Announce your engagement and also hint at how he proposed. That’s where you can lead your Instagram followers to to read your full story!


  • Post right away. This is the time where you should really take some time to enjoy this moment with your soon-to-be husband.
  • Don’t make your engagement ring the focal point of your Instagram photo. No matter how glitzy and truly amazing your ring may be, it’s beyond tacky to post a straight up photo of your ring, yet alone divulge how many carats your rock is.
  • Use flash or over-filter your photo. Fact: Diamonds shine best in natural light.
  • Show your nails even if they’re not in great shape. If your man took the time to pick and create your ring, you can surely take the time to get a manicure. But if a manicure isn’t doable at that moment in time, avoid including your nails in your post all together.

Do’s & Don’ts When Posting On Instagram After Your Proposal



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