How To Relieve Springtime Allergies With Natural Remedies

Don’t you wish you could be more excited about Spring weather? But how could you be when your itchy eyes and a stuffy head make it just about impossible to enjoy?!

You could just pop pills or use nasal sprays, but the side effects totally suck! Who wants to deal with drowsiness, a foggy head or dry mouth?

But no worries, if you’re not big on prescriptions, here are some natural ways to relieve all your allergy symptoms:

  1. Forget your contact lenses for the season and sport your glasses. Lenses can trap allergens in your eye, causing even more itchiness and redness.
  2. Run a washcloth under cold water and apply that to your eyes. This will cool the burning sensation. Also, washing the eyes out with over-the-counter saline is great alternative as well.
  3. Become familiar with nasal irrigation. Why? Because it’s really an effective way to flush allergens out from your nose and sinuses. This will provide major relief from both congestion and a drippy nose. 
  4. Try a hot compress when suffering from severe congestion or sinus pressure. Decongestants often dry up the mucus, making symptoms even worse, so it’s really recommended to try a hot compress. Before running a washcloth under hot water and applying it directly to your face, put a few drops of eucalyptus oil below your nostrils, as it can open up nasal passages. While the hot towel is on your face, gently run your fingertips along your sinuses (above and below the eyes) to manually loosen up thick mucus. Note: Microwavable rice pillows are also great since they tend to stay hotter longer.
  5. Try running, jumping rope, or an indoor cardio class. Believe it or not but getting sweaty can actually help relieve sinuses. Hot yoga is a great workout to try because not only will you get sweaty, but specific poses such as a headstand can also offer relief. How? Because of the persistent sinus pressure. 🙂
  6. Sip hot beverages. Try drinking hot tea or broth as it can provide great relief.
  7. Keep your windows closed. This will keep pollen out. Also, invest in an air purifier with a HEPA filter to clean out any allergens in the air. In addition to that, purchase (if you don’t have one already) a humidifier to moisten the air, which will help loosen up mucus and prevent a dry throat/coughing.
  8. Take hot showers. This will help tremendously! Be sure to take a shower anytime you come in from being outside to wash any pollen out of your hair and off your skin. Also make sure to throw your clothes right into the washing machine. Steamy showers can really break up congestion.

It’s important to try multiple remedies as you may notice that a combination of remedies can do the trick.



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  1. Thanks for these! I never had seasonal allergies until after I had kids, but now they’re pretty annoying in the spring!

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  2. My friend suffers seasonal allergies, especially in the spring. I am glad there are natural products to relieve the symptoms! I can tell him about them!

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  3. I am fortunate enough to not have to deal with spring allergies but my husband does… I feel so bad for him this time of year because he is miserable! These tips will help alot!

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