Words That Will Amplify And Take Your Resume To The Next Level

Words That Will Amplify And Take Your Resume To The Next Level

There’s literally nothing worse when it comes to applying to jobs, than sounding completely dead and boring on the one sheet of paper that is suppose to SELL you to the company you’re applying to. Right? 

While, YES, you should totally highlight your good qualities and state that you’re “passionate,” but let’s face it, everyone applying claims to have that very same quality.

So how do you come out on top of the pile of resumes?

Here are some pointers on how to really amplify your resume and take it to the next level:

Let’s start of with what you shouldn’t have on your resume. 

What word is the most overused on resumes?

If you have the word “help” or “helped”… DELETE DELETE DELETE!!! 

If you did something, you did it. Remember that.

And if you’re having a problem talking about the results you produced, use numbers to provide context. 

Here are also some hot words you should consider adding to resume to really make it top notch:

  1. Launched. Think about what employees want. Well, what do they want? Employers want to not only see results but they also want to know the impact you made at each job. So, for example, you could say: “Launched a company website redesign which then generated an increase in pageviews by 150%.” 
  2. Influenced. Putting words like “passionate,” “hard-working,” or “driven” on your resume is a complete waste of space. Why? Because these qualities are qualities every employee SHOULD already have. So opt for words that really reflect the actions on your resume. For example, you could write: ‘Influenced fellow coworkers to generate and execute on ideas that brought a better user experience to the company website.” Using the word “influence” is a a powerful term that shows that you’ve take action in a professional work setting.
  3. Improved. Instead of using words like “developed” or “increased”, use the term ‘improve’ when trying to show your power to enhance something and make it better.
  4. Managed. First off, you don’t have to hold a title of Manager in to use the word “managed”. To better understand on how to use the term, think about how you handled smaller tasks. For example, you could say: “Managed all sponsorship partnerships, content creation, community and promotional outreach.”
  5. Achieved. Remember, you’re totally allowed to brag on your resume! And since everyone is trying brag about their “success” on their resume, why not try using a more exciting word, than “success”? Like “‘Achieved”? “Achieved” is an awesome word to use when trying to express what you have accomplished previously. And not is the term “achieved” fancier. it’s definitely far more professional as well.
  6. Resolved. You may have “problem-solving” under your list of skills but including the term “resolve” on your resume will really strike a cord with the hiring manager on just how exactly you handled problems.
  7. Created. The term “creativity” is really overused when it comes to resumes, so why not change it up a bit? Instead of just referring to your creativity, opt to use the term “created” as a verb to describe specific examples of how you creative you truly are. For example, you could say: “Created the first ever website for the company.”

So, before the next time you send out your resume to potential employers, re-edit your resume and remember to use strong vocabulary that really describe the things you’ve accomplished. After all, your resume is the FIRST thing most employers look at and is considered a representation of your career thus far. So why not make that great first impression by really showing off just what you’re truly capable of? 🙂

Words That Will Amplify And Take Your Resume To The Next Level

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