14 Ways On How To Look Taller

How To Look Taller

First off, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being short. But there is a common trend that shorter girls want to appear taller.

And that’s totally fine and also totally doable.

But remember to work with what you have. And the ultimate goal should be to just enhance your overall look by using different clothes and beauty styles.

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So if you’re interested in looking taller, check out the list of ways on how to acheive just that:

  1. Keep your hair short. Long hair tends drown shorter women so opt for a hairstyle that stops above the shoulder, or something close to it.
  2.  Put your hair up. If cutting your hair is just NOT an option, then consider putting it back in a high ponytail or bun. Remember that when you’re styling your hair, use it to add inches to your height. 🙂
  3. Add layers or highlights to your hair. Add choppy layers or highlights to break up the monotony of long hair, which may help prevent it from dwarfing you.
  4. Wear heels. Duh! This is probably the most obvious but still should be stated. Whether you decide to go with kitten heels or 5 inch heels, wearing heels will definitely make you look taller. And to get more particular about heels, try going with skinny heels instead of thick ones or wedged shoes as since skinny heels are more effective in creating a slender vertical appearance while thick wedged shoes tend to make your feet look weighted and heavy.
  5. Wear open-toed shoes/sandals. A simple and easy trick to extending your height is by opting for shoes that shoe more skin. The more skin an observing eye notices on your leg, the longer your legs will seem and longer legs = taller.
  6. Avoid wearing shoes with ankle straps. Ankle straps cut your leg off and therefore reduce the length of your legs. So in the end you look shorter. That’s not the look we’re trying to achieve here.
  7. Wear v-neck blouses/shirts or that have deep, vertical necklines. A deep v-neck keeps the eye looking up and down. Avoid crew necks, scoop necks, and other horizontal necklines that tend to draw the eye side to side.
  8. Shorten your skirt’s hemline. Showing more leg makes your legs look longer, which maximizes the illusion of height so opt to wear skirts that stop at or above the knee.
  9. Stick with skirts and pants that keep your legs looking balanced. Think A-line skirts and boot-cut jeans. Styles that flare out at the knee or lower leg help balance out the natural width of your hips. Tapered styles may make you look top heavy which, in turn, can make your legs look shorter. Shorter-looking legs may make you look shorter overall.
  10. Keep your legs the same color as your shoes. Keeping your shoes and leg coverings in the same color range makes it more difficult for the eye to distinguish where the leg ends and the foot begins, making your leg look longer as a result. So if you plan on wearing a dress with bare legs, consider a nude shoe. And if you plan on wearing dark jeans or black pants, opt for a black shoe. Get it?
  11. Wear high-waisted pants/skirts. The eye naturally assumes that the leg starts at the waistline so wearing pants or a skirt that rests above your hips, you can make your legs look longer which ultimately make you look taller.
  12. Wear skinny belts over thick belts. A skinny belt can help define your figure and look flattering while a wide belt will define your figure but ultimately divide you in half and cause you too look shorter, rather than taller. Oops!
  13. Long, draping accessories are the way to go! Try long scarves and necklaces that drape down your front. These pieces draw the eye up and down, causing it to take in your entire height.
  14. Avoid over-sized bags or bags that feel bigger than you. Remember, you’re already tiny as it is. Adding a bulky shoulder bag to your ensemble could end up being too overpowering.
14 Ways On How To Look Taller
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