Men Drop Out Of Male Birth Control Study Due To Mood Swings & Acne

Can You Believe It? Men Drop Out Of Male Birth Control Study Due To Mood Swings & Acne

According to a super innovative study that was released Oct. 25th, 2017, it was found that a male contraceptive injection was 96 percent effective.

The study consisted of 320 men all between the ages of 18 and 45. These men were also in “monogamous relationships with female partners.”

Over the course of 56 weeks, each subject was injected every eight weeks with artificial testosterone.

The artificial testosterone essentially tricks the body into stopping the production of actual testosterone.

The injection works to suppress “spermatogenesis.”

The study however, ended early.


Well, twenty men dropped out of the study.

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And according to Broadly, six test subjects started to experience:

  • pain or panic at first injections
  • acne
  • palpitations
  • hypertension
  • and erectile dysfunction.

Oh, and of the twenty men, eight reported “mood disorders.”

Although there is far more research that needs to be done to work out the kinks of the contraceptive, Science Daily states that more than 3/4s of the participants have claimed to be willing to use the birth control by the end of the trial.


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