5 Reasons You Need Coconut In Your Life

You’ve probably already heard by now that coconut can do wonders to your hair, right? If not, click here.

But did you also know coconut in all its forms, including its water, meat, and oil, can be used to promote youthfulness?

Here are some really awesome ways to use coconut at home to get:

  • glowing skin
  • gorgeous hair
  • perfectly soft feet


Did you know coconut oil makes an amazing lip balm? You just need to dap a super tiny amount across your lips.

Also, feel free to use it on the skin around your lips.


It does wonders for fine lines over time. 🙂

Using coconut oil not only makes your skin more flexible but also more resilient, making it less likely to form wrinkles.

Plump Skin

Coconut water is known to be one of the best natural hydrators out there. And if you want your skin to look and feel younger, your skin needs be hydrated. Get it?

Coconut water can help heal and rejuvenate the skin’s collagen and helps restore elasticity/flexibility to your skin.

If you’re skin is dehydrated, chances are you skin looks:

  • dried out
  • withered
  • leathery

You may also suffer from dark under-eye circles, collagen damage, wrinkling, and other signs of premature aging. Gross!


You know when your feet get all dried and cracked out? Especially during the summer when you practically live in flip flops?

Well coconut oil is great for conditioning thick skin as it helps soften the skin when it’s super-dry, and makes it easier to exfoliate heels and rough spots.

To get the softest feet imaginable, coat your feet with coconut oil and wear socks to bed.


One of the major perks about using coconut oil on your hair is that it actually stimulates hair growth!

How? By getting deep into its follicles.

Coconut oil can also prevent hair breakage and split ends which in result, can contribute to hair growth. AND! If that’s not good enough, coconut oil slows down hair loss. Boom! Read more here.

Crows Feet

While using coconut oil all over your face can be excessive because of how heavy it is, it’s rich texture is perfection for minimizing fine lines around the eyes.

Lightly apply a tear drop of the melted oil across crow’s feet and under the eyes. Also, try using your ring finger when applying to keep the pressure light. 🙂



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