6 Beauty Benefits of Sleep

6 Beauty Benefits of Sleep

I’m sure you are familiar with the idea of a beauty sleep, but do you really know what it means?

Even more, do you know the benefits of a good night sleep on your skin and general beauty?

Many people tend to forget that sleep can be a powerful beautifying product if used properly. And it’s a pity, because sleep is the closest thing we have to a fountain of youth.

The snoozing time of our life comes with lots of benefits for both the body and the mind as the cells are repaired and the organism is recovering after a long day. This means you get to wake up refreshed and looking flawless (that is if you slept at least 7 hours).

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But a refreshed look is not the only beauty benefit brought on by your sleepy time.

Take a look below and learn a bit more about the wonders sleep can do for our looks.

#1: More Collagen For Your Skin

During sleep, the body produces collagen, which is used to maintain the skin flexible. The more collagen you have, the younger your skin will look!

However, you should know that the collagen production lowers down with age so, sleep won’t keep you looking young forever.

Still, once you start getting a constant 7 hours of sleep per night, you’ll notice your skin is plumper and there are fewer fine lines on your skin.

Lack of sleep dries out the skin, which accentuates the wrinkles you already have and brings out more lines.

#2: You’re Glowing

This happens because during sleep, the body pumps blood towards the skin and other organs. While doing so, toxins are removed and your skin is constantly irrigated.

#3: No More Dark Circles

If you’re used to looking in the mirror in the morning and seeing a panda, this can be solved with a little bit of sleep.

It takes about three to five days of high-quality sleep to reduce the dark circles under your eyes, but the treatment is guaranteed (provided you’re not suffering from an illness).

Important tip: For a high-quality sleep you need a high-quality mattress. For instance, I learned by reading a few articles form try mattress that the wrong mattress can increase the number of wrinkles on your skin so be sure to do your research!

#4: Health for the Hair

Did you ever notice that, when you’re tired, the hair seems to agree with you?

If you want fuller, healthier hair you must follow a treatment with sleep.

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The hair becomes healthier when you take your recommended amount of Zzzs because of the improved blood flow (the follicles take their vitamins and minerals from the blood).

If you don’t follow your sleeping routine, the blood flow will decrease, which will also affect the way your hair looks.

#5: You Look Happy

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a person happy and ready to conquer the world, right?

Well, that’s exactly how you look when you’re fully rested! Your skin is glowing, your eyes are bight, and your mouth is ready to offer everyone a beautiful smile.

On the other hand, when you’re tired, the corners of your mouth get a downward trajectory, your skin color is fading, and your eyes are without focus.

#6: Better Results with Products

The cool thing is that, with better sleep, you’ll see an improvement in the way skincare products work.

Because the skin is allowed to repair the damages that happen during the day, the products will have more success at doing their job as well.

6 Beauty Benefits of Sleep

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