7-Eleven Launches A Makeup Line Called Simply Me Beauty

So um, the next time you decide to opt for a quick Slurpee at your local 7-Eleven, just know you can also buy makeup.

Ya know, just a casual impulse buy of blush, foundation, or heck, even lashes at your local 7-Eleven. NBD.

The cosmetic line is called Simply Me Beauty by 7-Eleven and consists of 37 new products that range from $3 to $5.

So if you’re an impulse shopper, this line is for you.

7-Eleven category manager, Joy Pico, said in a press release:

“Much of the time, makeup items like lip and eye colors are spur-of-the-moment, impulse buys.”

Pico also notes:

“If the price is right, that makes it easier to justify. For a millennial working woman wanting to refresh her makeup while grabbing lunch at 7-Eleven stores, Simply Me Beauty is a welcomed offering and is priced just right for her.”

According to 7-Eleven, Simply Me Beauty’s lineup includes”

  • high-shine glosses
  • colorful lip crayons
  • contour sticks
  • shimmering highlighters
  • volume-boosting mascaras
  • brow powders
  • double-duty eye shadows
  • + more

7-Eleven has also made it clear that their goal is to create items that is “designed to meet the needs of any female consumer,” so you can expect the collection to be “well-rounded” and consist of products made for the face, eyes and lips. The line will also be suited for all “complexion types and skin tones.”

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