8 Best Summer Hair Care Tips And Tricks

8 Best Summer Hair Care Tips And Tricks

Your hair is precious to you, right?

You probably find yourself spending a lot of time and money just to maintain your healthy looking hair. You spend hundreds of dollars every month on expensive treatments, shampoos and other hair care products to help you take care of your hair and avoid split ends, dry hair and other potential damage.

And during those dreadful summer months, you might be afraid of your hair becoming completely unmanageable.


A totally legitimate concern.

Here are some of the most effective tips and tricks that you can use to beat the summer weather and ensure your hair stays perfectly healthy, even under the extremely warm weather conditions that summer often brings about:

Use A Lower Heat Setting On Your Hairdryer

Our list of summer hair hacks starts off by advising you to look at how you use your hairdryer.

We get so used to using a hairdryer while styling our hair and getting ready for the day, that we often tend to fail to realize how damaging a hair dryer can be for your hair. This is especially true if you are using your hairdryer on a high heat setting.

8 Best Summer Hair Care Tips And Tricks

To avoid the damaging effects that a hair dryer can have on your hair, try to reduce the heat setting on your hairdryer. Some hair dryers also have a button that removes heat from the air being blown from the hair dryer – this will not cause the same damage that heated air from a hair dryer may cause.

Keep The Hairdryer At A Distance

Another common problem that people make when it comes to using a hairdryer during their beauty regimen is keeping the hair dryer too close to their hair.

StyleCaster reports that, apart from holding the hair dryer too close to your hair, you should avoid using the hair dryer too close to your brush. When you hold the hair dryer too close to your hair, it could burn your hair. When you hold the hair dryer too close to your hairbrush, it heats up the brush, which has a similar effect on your hair.

8 Best Summer Hair Care Tips And Tricks

Never Forget To Condition Your Hair

A lot of people are in a hurry when they have to get going to work or another important event, especially in the morning.

When this happens, they tend to shampoo their hair in the shower and get out without applying a conditioner to their hair as well. A conditioner is important for maintaining healthy hair.

DIY Natural recommends mixing some apple cider vinegar oil and water to make a homemade conditioner.

UV Protection

When we talk about sunscreens and UV protection, we often think of our skin – especially the face.

This, however, isn’t the only locations that should be protected from the sun.

Many shampoos and conditioner brands contain ingredients that can help to protect your hair from sun rays.

8 Best Summer Hair Care Tips And Tricks

Simply look for shampoos and conditioners that contain the term “UV Protection” during the summer months. This is one of the most important hair care tips and tricks on our list – not protecting your hair against UV rays from the sun can lead to permanent damage.

Cover Your Hair

On days when the weather is especially warm and you know you will be out in the sun for an extended period of time, you should opt for something to cover your hair with. This could be a simple hat that can cover all of your hair or something more elegant like a scarf. By covering your hair, you will prevent the sun rays from damaging your hair directly.

Avoid Tight Hairstyles

Many people enjoy tight hairstyles, especially in a corporate setting, but such a hairstyle can be damaging to your hair.

During summer months, the damage dealt with hair from wearing tight hairstyles can be aggravated due to hair being excessively dry when exposed to the heat. Instead of wearing tight hairstyles, rather opt for looser-fitting hairstyles during summer.

Use A Moisture Spray

During the day, your hair may become dry, especially when exposed to the heat expelled from the sun during the summer.

When hair becomes dry, split ends may develop and hair may be damaged. This is unpleasant and could mess up your hair style completely.

Natural Hair Rules recommends mixing some avocado oil and aloe vera juice with water and keeping the mixture with you during the day. Whenever you feel like moisture is needed, then simply spray some of the mixtures on your hair.

8 Best Summer Hair Care Tips And Tricks

Make Your Own Leave-In Conditioner

Finally, you should consider using a leave-in conditioner a couple of times every week.

A leave-in conditioner can help to rehydrate your hair and restore the lost moisture, which was caused by exposure to excessive heat conditions.

Mommy Potamus recommends mixing some distilled water, some coconut milk, and some essential oil drops, and to use the mixture as a natural leave-in conditioner.

8 Best Summer Hair Care Tips And Tricks

Hair forms an important part of a person’s overall physical appearance and has a major impact on a person’s self-esteem. When your hair does not look good, then you may also not feel good about yourself for the entire day. When hair looks healthy and styled, then your self-esteem would gain a big boost. In this post, we shared some helpful tips to help you beat the damaging effects that summer often has to healthy hair – to ensure your hair looks good all summer long.



8 Best Summer Hair Care Tips And Tricks

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