Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty launch was a major success. Not only did Rihanna wow fans with 40 different foundation shades, but she truly delivered on the quality of the product.

But the one thing that left fans a little disappointed was that there were no eyeshadows or lipsticks in the collection.

But did you really think Rihanna would leave Fenty Beauty at just foundations?

Come on.

Everything You Need To Know About The Fenty Beauty Galaxy Collection

Well, we’re all in luck as Fenty Beauty just teased a holiday collection – The Galaxy Collection.

And it’s coming loaded with a massive eyeshadow palette and lipsticks.

The Galaxy Collection features:

  • 3 iridescent and holographic lip glosses ($19 each)
  • 3 metallic-to-glitter liquid eyeliners ( $20 each)
  • 4 twist-up lipsticks ($19 each)
  • a eyeshadow brush ($24)
  • and a palette which features 14 sparkly eyeshadows ($59)

As you look, you’ll notice that the packaging looks completely different from the first Fenty product drop.

It seems that Rihanna decided to ditch the millennial nudish-pink vibe and opted for a galactic feel.

You can expect to see the The Galaxy Collection in Sephora stores and online starting October 13.



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