We can all probably agree that Kim Kardashian has flawless skin. So whatever she’s doing to get it, our interest generally peaks when she’s willing to reveal some of her secrets. Right?

Recently Kim K has been engaging in something called facial cupping (as seen on her Snapchat).

What Is Facial Cupping? And Why Is Kim Kardashian Obsessed With It?
Source: Kim Kardashian Snapchat

And if you’re just as clueless as I am, keep reading.

So, you might be aware of cupping, but this version of facial cupping, is a tad bit different.

To find out more about this treatment, E! went went straight to the source: Nurse Jamie, who who was the one to perform the treatment on Kim.

So here’s exactly what you need to know:

1. Facial cupping is an extension of full-body cupping. It’s an natural anti-aging solution unlike facelifts, lasers or chemicals.

Nurse Jamie said:

“The cupping facial encourages blood flow to the tissue and stimulates the lymphatic system to help reduce inflammation, which in turn smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.”

2. The cups create a vacuum-like effect. So, using cups of various different sizes, which are strategically placed on areas of the face, gets the skin drawn up into the cup, creating a vacuum effect.

“It kind of feels like a cat licking you.”

You can almost immediately, feel your face muscles start to relax while eliminating any existing facial tension.

Additional perks: plumper and fuller skin right away. 🙂

Oh! And if you’re worried about any possible bruising, facial cupping tends to be much gentler. So, no worries!

“We love to combine cupping with other facial treatments because the increased circulation allows for skin-care products to absorb much more effectively into the skin.”

With that, Nurse Jamie recommends adding a cupping treatment on to any facial treatment (it’s 75 extra bucks in her office).

And for those who would like to try the treatment at home, you can try this one from BLISS.

Note: Be sure to read the directions to avoid hickies all over your face!



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