Here’s Why Kim Kardashian Always Looks Like She’s Glowing

We all know Kim Kardashian is the queen of selfies.

But have you ever found yourself questioning just how Kim always seems to look picture perfect in everything from video live streams, Instastories to even paparazzi photographs?

Here's Why Kim Kardashian Always Looks Like She's Glowing

Well, question no more.

Kim Kardashian finally revealed her secret on her website.

Kardashian explains that to create her all-body glow she actually uses an all-body highlighter.

She calls the technique: “Body highlighting.”

And it’s pretty much what it sounds like: using highlighter on points you want to bring more emphasis on.

So, you know how boob contouring has been a thing?

Here's Why Kim Kardashian Always Looks Like She's Glowing

Well, body highlighting adds a little something extra to the mix, allowing you to add a little bit of shimmer to places where you want to draw the eye.

And of course, Kim uses her KKW Beauty Crème Highlight sticks to create the look.

With that, Kim loves drawing attention to her legs. And in order to do that, she draws a stripe down the length of her shin and thigh to create length. Note: Avoid the knee when highlighting.

Here's Why Kim Kardashian Always Looks Like She's Glowing

Another one of her favorite body parts to highlight is her shoulder blades.


It allows her to create “the illusion of a more defined back.”

Is body highlighting for you?



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