How To Sweat Less This Summer

How To Sweat Less This Summer

Can we all agree that there really is fine line between “glowing” and “glistening” to being a royal, sweaty mess?

While glowing and beautifully glistening is a look we’d all like to achieve, on a scorching summer day, we might be willing to settle for: sweating less, if at all, possible.


Here are some tips on how to sweat less this summer:

Deodorant vs. Anti-perspirant

Knowing the difference between deodorant and anti-perspirant can really save your summer life.

The difference? 

Deodorant is used to cover body odor, while antiperspirants are used to actually prevent your sweat ducts from perspiring.

With that, you need to be able to select the right formula.

And since these days we have thousands of deodorant options, how do you pick?

Let your armpits be your guide.

Each and every deodorant and anti-perspirant options has it’s pros and cons. So really, this is a matter of personal preference.

Solid applicators tend to have a more drier feel while gels and roll-ons tend to feel more wet, but some say it’s “refreshing.”

If either of those options don’t really feel right, you can also opt for antiperspirant wipes, where you simply wipe your underarm to freshen and protect from sweat.

And with whatever option you chose, make sure not to apply too many applications.

And when choosing your formula, opt for one that offers up to 48 hours of protection. This will help minimize the need for multiple applications.

Cool Off Quickly

You can simply stand in a cold room or in front of a fan, but if those aren’t options at the moment, you can opt for products that provide a cooling sensation on, like alcohol and menthol.

Sleep Comfortably

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It’s pretty obvious that getting enough sleep is important but it can be truly difficult if you’re sweating up a storm.

Make sure to create a comfortable sleeping situation, whether it be a fan, new bed sheets or even new pajamas.


Have you heard? Botox is the trendy answer to how to sweat less.

But unfortunately, it’s not for everyone.

Botox treatments should only be used in extreme cases. And not to mention, it can be a pretty costly procedure that isn’t a one time deal. It needs to be redone.

So, unless you suffer from a condition known as hyperhidrosis or cannot control the sweat by the use of antiperspirant products, you should really make this your last resort.

How To Sweat Less This Summer

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