Kim Kardashian’s Secret To Gorgeous Hair

Kim Kardashian’s Secret To Gorgeous Hair

Kim Kardashian is known for her sexy style and fierce makeup but her hair is one of my favorite features.

No matter if she’s going to the gym or the Met Gala, her hair is always healthy, super shiny and 100% on fleek.

Here are a few ways this diva keeps her hair in tip-top shape:

Experiment With Change

Beauty is all about trying new different looks and seeing what works best for you.

Kim Kardashian isn’t afraid to experiment with different looks.

She’s well-known for her gorgeous voluminous locks but wasn’t afraid to chop them off in order to showcase a daring lob which updated her look to modern and edgy.

Kim Kardashian’s Secret To Gorgeous Hair

She’s also experimented with color and has sported caramel highlights to platinum blonde locks.

She Leaves Olaplex In Overnight

Despite frequent hair coloring and styling Kim Kardashian’s hair is as sleek as silk.

The reason for this is Olaplex, a revolutionary salon treatment that actually repairs and restores disulfide sulfur bonds in your hair which can be destroyed during the coloring process.

She actually announced during one of her beauty master classes that she likes to leave it on overnight as a deep treatment.

Olaplex is available at many salons nationwide and you can ask for it the next time you get color or highlights in order to protect your hair.

You can also ask your salon for the Olaplex Number 3 treatment to bring home and use overnight like Kim does.

A Big Barrel Curling Iron

The secret to Kim’s bouncy and voluminous sexy waves lies in a big barrel curling iron.

Simply curl your hair away from your face and let the curls set.

Kim Kardashian’s Secret To Gorgeous Hair

Once the curls are dry simply tousle your hair with your fingers in order to loosen the curls and spray on texturizing spray in order to give hair more definition and volume.

Don’t Wash Daily

Kim Kardashian has stated that she only wash her hair every five days.

This is a great tip to follow since washing your hair every day can strip hair of it’s natural oils leaving it dry and brittle. Less frequent shampooing means your hair will have more sheen plus you’ll also save lots of time.

Give yourself a blowout after you shampoo which will give your hair more texture and volume throughout the week.

You can apply dry shampoo as needed in order to keep hair looking clean and fresh.

Kim Kardashian’s Secret To Gorgeous Hair

Once hair gets greasier towards the end of the week you can slick it back or wear it in a ponytail away from your face.

Kim Kardashian’s Secret To Gorgeous Hair

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