Makeup Tips To Get You Through The Summer

Makeup Tips To Get You Through The Summer

When it comes to summer makeup, there are two major factors to always keep in mind: humidity and overall temperature.


Because with the combination of the two, you’re more than likely to end up being a hot mess.

With that, here are some makeup tips to get your through the summer without looking like a hot mess:

Use Products with SPF

Selecting makeup that has SPF all year is important; however, it is of particular note when you are spending more time in the sun.

If you’re like many, summer is the season when you’re outdoors the most. Therefore, you should look for facial and lip products, such as EOS lip balm, that have SPF in them for an extra layer of protection against the sun’s damaging rays.

You can buy EOS here.

Lighten up

Heavy products caked onto your face do not make for an appealing summer look.

Make a commitment to yourself to wear at least a little bit less makeup.

For example, if you usually wear foundation on a daily basis, look into a tinted moisturizer. You can still find ones that help you to cover up flaws without having that heavy feeling.

You should also lighten up when it comes to colors too.

Deal with Sweat

As much as you love the summer sun and the warm temperatures, you probably do not like what the heat and humidity do to your makeup.

You can look for waterproof products, such as some brands of mascara, to help you deal with the heat.

Also, try keeping some of your loose powder tightened up in your bag so that you can deal with gooey makeup problems when they arise. You can also keep blotting pads with you to deal with oil that arises.

Know When to Let Go

If you attempt to jump into the ocean or the pool with a face full of makeup, you are likely to end up with a mess.

Instead of wasting your precious products on these times when they are almost certain to fall off, give your skin a break.

When you go to put on makeup for a night out after a day at the beach or sipping frozen beverages at the poolside, you’ll be ready with a fresh, clean face.

When the summer starts, you may even want to head to your favorite beauty shop to get a makeover. There, you can learn about the methods that are best for your optimal summer skin.

Makeup Tips To Get You Through The Summer

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