Revive Your Skin With Magical Asian Skincare Ingredients

Asian skincare practices and beauty concoctions have always been considered highly effective, and they’re a big hit at the moment, mainly because people want to avoid chemicals and toxins that mainstream cosmetic products are packed with.

Growing concerns over the fact that even certain high-end manufacturers use harmful ingredients have made skincare products from the Far East extremely popular as they heavily rely on natural stuff with no side effects.

Let’s see what they are, and what you should look for on the labels of your creams, lotions, and other cosmetics.

Starfish Extract

Did you know that the starfish has the power to regenerate their lost limbs? Some species can even grow a completely new body from a small portion of the limb.

Revive Your Skin With Magical Asian Skincare Ingredients

These fascinating creatures produce an extract which is full of collagen, calcium, and various vitamins, and South Korean cosmetic companies have found a way to harvest it in a cruelty-free way, thus allowing us to enjoy all of its benefits.

According to them, creams and lotions containing this extract can revitalize your skin, make it glowing and radiant, as well as remove blemishes and imperfections.

Although women from South Korea swear by its anti-aging powers, the research is still underway.

Hyaluronic Acid

This ingredient has achieved cult status among all those who want to maintain youthful skin.

It’s actually naturally produced by the human body, and it can be found in practically all body cells, including the cartilage, connective tissues, and synovial fluid where its concentration is highest.

Revive Your Skin With Magical Asian Skincare Ingredients

However, our bodies start producing less hyaluronic acid as we grow older, which leads to wrinkled and sagging skin. 🙁

Quality skincare products, such as hydrating serums by Ultraceuticals, with high levels of hyaluronic acid, will moisturize your skin, keep it hydrated and firm, and help you fight premature aging.

Snail Mucin

This enzyme is produced by snails in order to help them fix cuts and damages caused by rough surfaces that they crawl on.

It contains elastin, glycolic acid, and proteins, all of which are highly beneficial for repairing and revitalizing the skin.

Snail mucin, which is actually a fancy name for slime, can do wonders for cell regeneration and moisturizing your skin, and that’s why it’s used in creams for healing scars, evening out complexion, and treating acne.

Bee Venom

Seemingly exotic and not exactly appealing, this active ingredient has numerous benefits for the skin.

Melittin, one of its main compounds, possesses anti-inflammatory characteristics, which make it very effective when it comes to preventing skin aging.

Bee venom works by breaking down skin cell membranes, thus simulating an attack and leading your body to increase circulation and stimulate the production of elastin and collagen.

Revive Your Skin With Magical Asian Skincare Ingredients

All this will reduce fine wrinkles on your face, plump up your skin, give it a glow, and reverse the effects of aging.

It’s also effective for getting rid of acne.

Just make sure that you aren’t allergic to bees.

Sea Kelp

What we’re talking about here is actually a type of seaweed, that people in Asia eat as it’s jam-packed with various nutrients and minerals.

These brown algae are believed to be able to prevent and cure some diseases, including cancer.

Apart from that, sea kelp is brimming with vitamins A, B, C, and E, as well as amino acids. It can repair your skin, and make it soft and hydrated.

Tea Tree Oil

Also known as melaleuca oil, this fresh-scented essential oil has been used as a powerful antiseptic for a long time. That’s what makes it great for healing wounds, treating acne, and even psoriasis.

Terpenoids, known for their antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, have therapeutic potential for various skin conditions and diseases.

Revive Your Skin With Magical Asian Skincare Ingredients

Tea tree oil is great for removing the accumulated sebum, removing dirt, and make-up, but unlike other products, it’s mild and calming.

Instead of sticking with your regular skincare products that are most certainly laced with various harmful chemicals and toxins, it would be a good idea to switch to natural and yet effective traditional Asian ingredients for even better results.

Revive Your Skin With Magical Asian Skincare Ingredients

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