The Founder of Glossier Turned A Beauty Line Into A Cult Following

The Founder of Glossier Turned A Beauty Line Into A Cult Following

Before Emily Weiss became the Founder & CEO at Glossier, she was writing reviews on beauty products via her blog, Into the Gloss, which she started it back 2010.

And what was so great and unique about her platform was that it wasn’t a mega brand dictating what skincare and makeup women should use.

Instead, it was a woman behind the computer screen talking to her readers and responding to their questions and providing as much feedback as she could.

Weiss eventually knew that she could her platform for something more powerful. After all, it held so much valuable information.

So instead of just writing reviews, Weiss decided to use her platform to talk to customers and use their feedback to create something that suited their needs.

The Founder of Glossier Turned A Beauty Line Into A Cult Following

Now Weiss’s beauty line has essentially created a cult like following which includes 765,000+ fans via the gram (aka Instagram).

Currently, Glossier offers a curated line of simple and affordable products like:

  • Wowder
  • a mattifying powder
  • Super Bounce (a serum for dry skin)

Emily told CNNMoney that social media gave women “the ability to read a review on a website, to give a review on a website, to take a selfie, to show what you’re wearing, to ask questions, to engage with brands.”

She also notes that:

“Women are in the driver’s seat. They are in charge of their routines, and they can find all the information they need from their friends or from other women in the world and online.”

Weiss also talked about her own experience with beauty products which began at an early age.

She notes:

“I learned a lot from my grandmother. I used to steal all of her gift-with-purchases from Clinique. They did such a great job. I loved all those little samples.”

Weiss also mentions that as a teen, she wanted to know more about the products she was using and why in fact she was using it at all.

“I would love a product, but I would really not know very much about the company behind the product, or I wouldn’t really understand or get to know how the product looks or is being used by other women besides the salesperson.”

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And after gaining some experience in the beauty industry, Weiss quickly realized that there were other women out there craving the very same information.

“As a customer, the thing that I really missed and that I wished that I had was a brand that I thought of as a friend, as a peer, and not a brand that would just talk down at me and tell me what to think, or tell me what to do, or tell me that if I bought these 10 products and I used them all together, I might reach this picture of perfection in the end. I really just wanted a brand that I could be friends with.”

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