Obsessed With Masks Lately? Too Faced Just Dropped A Glitter Face Mask Called GLOW JOB

If you’e obsessed with facial masks, you’re going to love Too Faced’s  new mask filled with glitter. Oh and it’s called GLOW JOB.

Too Faced’s co-founder and CCO, Jerrod Blandino took it to Instagram to write:

“I’ve wanted to do a glitter mask for more than 5 years but the science just wasn’t ready. I’m so happy to tell you that Glow Job is almost here! It’s the most amazing radiance boosting and exfoliating peel-off mask I’ve ever used—and it’s infused with REAL glittering gold. It leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft and makeup ready—and it’s begging for a selfie. #tfglowjob #toofaced



Sabrina Hewitt

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