Tricks To Keep Oily Skin Under Control

Tricks To Keep Oily Skin Under Control

Summer is the worst season for oily skin as the harsh rays of the sun and the hotness of the weather increase the production of the oil on the skin making it even oiler.

While women with such skin type seldom look wrinkly there is still the need to take care of it especially in summer.

There are millions of ways to get rid of the dirt and oil on the skin but here are the best summer tricks to keep oily skin under control and take advantage of a safe and healthy life.

Wash Right

The first thing you may do wrong is the washing technique. We all wash our face every day and hardly pay attention to the way we do it.

Every skin type requires special cleansing approaches.

Professionals recommend using the right cleanser that fights zits in the summer in order to keep your oily skin look matte. You can choose one with 2 percent salicylic acid, to break down oil in the pores. It will make your skin cleaner and drier but make sure you avoid over drying.

Also, you can use special face soaps like aloe soap while washing your face.

Use an Oil-Free Moisturizer

Most people with oily skin use the wrong moisturizer for their face.

Others never use a moisturizer as they think that it will make their skin even oiler.

Actually, it’s a myth and you need to stop believing in it as there are special types of oil-free moisturizer with lightweight and breathable effect.

Using the right moisturizer fixes you skin tone and comes up anti-aging benefits.

Also, it would be great to use one of the best night creams for wrinkles.

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Fix Your Makeup Routine

Leaving alone the fact that makeup feels quite heavy in summer on the face oily skin types require less makeup and the right chosen products not to melt on your face.

They can actually produce more oil and make you feel inconvenient.

So, use tinted moisturizer with silicone that forms a shield over the skin, keeping makeup where it is meant to be.

Another cool way is the use of a mineral powder foundation.

Keep in mind that makeup setting spray is your friend.

Watch What You Eat

If you think that eating has nothing in common with the health and beauty of your skin then you are in the right place to find out one of the most important things for oily skin.

Limit yourself to one drink a night, and try to eat less spicy foods in summer.

It’s recommended to use foods like that are high in vitamin A in order to slow oil production.

Use Face Masks

The frequent use of face masks against the oil on your face will make you feel very cozy and attractive.

The main aim of using masks is to make the face fresher, shinier and more beautiful.

Opt for the right masks complimenting your skin type and always read the instructions.

If you like using natural masks then you can go for greens and fruits that come up with the best vitamins for oily skin.

Tricks To Keep Oily Skin Under Control

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