Woman’s Eyelashes Gets Infested With 100 Mites From Not Washing Pillowcase

Ready to get totally grossed out?

The Sun recently reported that a one woman was diagnosed with blepharitis, inflammation of the eyelids, but that’s not all….

After dealing with chronically red and itchy eyes, the woman finally went to the hospital to get diagnosed with blepharitis which was accompanied by hundreds of mites, with as many as 10 mites per lash follicle, making it look like she had dandruff on her eyelids.


But if that wasn’t enough, this woman allegedly never bothered to wash her pillowcase since 2012 and felt that it was still okay to sleep on it every single night.

Thankfully, this is very easy to treat and simply requires antibiotic eye drops and a lesson on clean linens.

But doesn’t this make you want to wash your entire bed?!

My entire body is itching as you read this…be back need to wash EVERYTHING!



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