Erin Lim Gets Real About Her First Experience With Bell’s Palsy

Erin Lim Gets Real About Her First Experience With Bell’s Palsy

Last I talked to Erin Lim was back in June. We talked about her success and most recent gig with E! News & Snapchat: The Rundown.

Since then, so much has taken place.

Lim experienced many highs, like co-hosting Miss Teen USA 2017, attending the AMA’s as well as attending her very first Emmy Award show.

With that, came some lows.

Lim recently revealed that she experienced her first episode of Bell’s Palsy back in October.

In a recent interview, I talked to Erin about her experience and the tremendous support she’s received after opening up about her condition.

Lim mentions that her doctor says she’s completely healed and is personally, feeling so much better since her initial onset of the Bell’s Palsy episode.

And since her episode, she’s been working on getting her full facial movement back.

Lim says;

“It’s mostly all there but I’m doing my own physical therapy to get it back to 100%.”

And when I asked her about her initial reaction to her first episode, Lim went onto say:

“My initial reaction was panic mode to be honest. I was with my best friend who noticed by face seemed different (it was half paralyzed). I went to the bathroom to check it out and I knew immediately what it was because my Mom and sister have gone through this.”

And while Lim was fully aware of what was going on, like anyone else, she does admit that she was emotional about it:

“I was balling in that moment because this had never happened before and I was pretty scared. I felt alone and didn’t understand why this happened to me but my family, my boyfriend, and close friends were with me every step of the way.”

With that, Erin was very proactive and went to the see the doctor the very next day and started acupuncture treatment.

And after taking some time to herself to really understand her situation, Lim took it to Instagram to explain why she’s been missing in action. And the response couldn’t have been more loving and supportive.

“So many people let me know they were thinking of me, praying for me, and sent their well wishes. Old friends sent me texts or called. My community at work was so understanding and supportive. It was beyond what I imagined would happen after posting that video. It really lifted me up and let me know I really wasn’t alone because many people started to share with me their stories and struggles with the same illness.”

And her boyfriend, Lamorne, couldn’t have been more supportive. In fact, he played a major role in her recovery.

“Lamorne is THE BEST partner anyone could ever have. I am so blessed to have this man in my life. He did not leave my side through this entire experience.”

Erin mentions that even when Lamorne HAD to go to work, he made sure to still be as present as possible with frequent Facetime convos, texts and phone calls.

Erin and Lamorne

But it doesn’t stop there.

Lamorne always made sure Erin was as comfortable as possible. It didn’t matter if he was making her herbal tea or joining her in on “crazy ‘Zen Diets'” (which aided in her recovery), he was willing to do it.

“Everyday he told me I was beautiful. He’d kiss my half-paralyzed face, he’d wipe my tears, he’d  miss out on fun events just to keep me company when I wasn’t confident to go out, and of course he kept me laughing and smiling. I can’t thank him enough, he’s truly an angel.”

And thankfully, both Lamorne and Erin have such a sense of humor about things, which has helped tremendously through their hard times.

“If we didn’t laugh through this, I don’t know how I’d overcome it all.”

Erin also notes:

“At the end of the day you need to smile through these trials and tribulations because staying down or stressed will only allow the illness to persist.”

And while most of you are probably thinking “well, easier said than done.” Erin gets real about that:

“I’ll admit laughing or smiling was one of the hardest things at first because that’s when you can really see the Bells and notice only half of your face moving. But I needed it to keep my spirits lifted.”

And she also admits that laughing and smiling did come a bit easier and she dates a comedian!

And while Lim’s first episode of Bell’s Palsy is officially behind her, Erin decided that she wanted to not only bring more awareness about the condition, but also allow others with the condition to know that there is a support system and you’re not alone.

With that, she created a movement called @projectsidesmile.

Erin Lim Gets Real About Her First Experience With Bell’s Palsy

So, I had to ask how it was going and she said:

“It’s going great! People are really responding well and reaching out with questions, or advice, or just support! So many have become more informed with the tips I’ve posted and many are feeling encouraged seeing that I’m going through this with them.”

Lim also mentions how the movement has helped her stay focused and motivated:

“It’s helped others heal and it’s really helped me heal. Helping people feels so amazing. Not only does it help me stay accountable but it also helps me stay on course during my health journey.”

And to know anyone with Bell’s Palsy or may experience an episode, Erin recommends:

“Treat it the moment you realize what it is and know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And while it feels lonely and grim at first, you must treat your body well! Your body is the vehicle that will get you through life and you need to give it the love and care it deserves- rest, vitamins, good food, and happiness.”

And having gone through her first episode, she notes that she definitely needs to slow down.

“I’ve been going a mile a minute and didn’t realize I was stressed because I love my job and every opportunity I get to do. I had no intention of slowing down but my body forcefully pumped the breaks and I learned a hard lesson. I needed to practice more meditation and needed to take time for myself. Traveling to fun places and doing amazing events or live shows are all fun, but not if my body has to pay the price. Now that I’ve taken a break, have managed my schedule and stress I have felt so much better. I’m doing more yoga and sleeping a lot more too which has been great. I’m blessed to still be here and live out my dream.”

With that, The Rundown is doing amazingly well.

Erin says the series has been “one of the most fun experiences” in her career because it’s a show she’s grown with “since it’s conception and since the beginning of Snapchat Discovery original programming.”

And not only does Lim love her team, she truly admires their talent and loves their constant support. She also loves that they allow her to be herself.

“I can say and do things how I want and we collaborate together so well.”

Erin also talked about her opportunity to co-host Miss Teen USA 2017 with Heidi Powell in late July:

“Heidi was a great co-host and someone I look up to – hello fitness goals! The highlight was getting to announce the winner – Sophia Dominguez-Heithoff and the satisfaction at the end knowing I gave it my best, and seeing the organization very pleased.”

And if Lim could host other events in the future, Erin says that she would absolutely love to host Emmys or Miss USA. 🙂

“I love TV and getting to host the Emmy’s Live Red Carpet Countdown with E! News was already such a dream come true, so taking it to the next step would be killer. And Miss USA would be awesome because I truly love the pageant and organization and I was able to co-host Miss Teen USA.”

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