Kanye West Is Being Sued For Unpaid Wages

Kanye West Is Being Sued For Unpaid Wages

The Fashion Law recently reported that Kanye West has failed to payout sourcing agent, Derya Gulseven, who worked on behalf of West Brands Fashion LLC in Istanbul, Turkey.


Derya Gulseven was hired by West on a season-by-season basis to source manufacturers in Istanbul for his label’s upcoming collections.

Gulseven claims that she was not paid for finding manufacturers for the YEEZY Season 2 drop and has filed a complaint.

More specifically, Gulseven was never paid out on the agreed seven percent commission, which amounted to $87,000 of a $1.25 million order.

The complaint also includes details about a $2.4 million garment order for the production of YEEZY Season 3, which would have left Gulseven with approximately $170,000 in commission.

And while Gulseven claims that to have received the a payment, she says her rate was cut down to to 4 percent, leaving her with $77,246.

And despite the commission cut, Gulseven continued to work with West Brands for a third time on the YEEZY Season 4 but the claims she was not compensated at all.

In total, Gulseven is seeking $228,000 in unpaid wages and damages.

At this moment there has been no official response from West’s representatives.



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