Meghan Markle Made A Surprise Appearance At The Queen’s Staff Party And Looked AMAZING

Meghan Markle has touched down in the United Kingdom for the holidays!

With that, Markle reportedly made a surprise and very unexpected appearance at a party Queen Elizabeth II threw for her staff on Monday at Windsor Castle.

Meghan reportedly wore a “festive red dress” and made conversation with the Queen’s employees.

Note: Many of the Queen’s employees are involved in planning the upcoming wedding in May 2018.

A source tells Hello Magazine:

“Harry and Meghan spent about an hour at the party and they were really friendly and went around talking to everyone. Meghan was very sweet and so beautiful.”

Rebecca English, royal reporter for Daily Mail also confirmed the news, saying a source told her:


“[Meghan] was unbelievably beautiful and Harry looked so proud.”

Markle will stay in the United Kingdom through Christmas and will spend the holiday with the royal family in Sandringham, which happens to a major first – Kate Middleton did get an official Christmas invitation from the royal family until after her wedding!



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